Why Dean Grzelak decided to join GRN instead of EDC.

By: Dean Grzelak..

I am sure you are aware of the many internet businesses out there. TOday I am going to focus on why I decided to join GRN (Global Resorts Network) and not EDC (Easy Daily Cash). EDC Gold has a start up cost of $997, although it seems low, you will have to give 40% of first two sales directly to your sponser. In exchange for this 40% "fee" your sponser is supposed to teach you how to close the sale. After you make your own first sale, that person in turn will bring there first sales to you.

The funnel effect is happening now, while you sign one person, that one bring two more and then those 2 people bring 4 more and so on. So after some initial work, you relax and these people will bring more and more sales to infinity. But while becoming a member of EDC Gold you have to purchase large bundles of outdated ebooks and software which can be found free on internet with resale rights.

When joining EDC on the diamond level the initial fee is $2497. Joining at this level will allow you to avoid passing that 40% of your first two sales up to your sponser. You will receive $1500 per sale (your sponser will receive $500 and the owners will receive $497 for each of your sales also. You will also be eligible to receive $500 for each sale of the people you sponser as well. I personally find it hard to imagine just how long it will take to regain that initial investment.

One of the main disadvantages is that after the first two sales, you are more likely to lose any help you used to receive from your mentor because after the first two sales there is no incentive for the mentor. Hence there is no reason for the mentor to help you and above all you have compete with you mentor for customers.

I see EDC as a risky company. The FTAC looks for companies that are doing just what EDC does. They target companies that collect fees without the client first having the opportunity to make money.

The high price tag is also harder for people to afford and this makes it difficult for a member to sell it to others. It has been reported that the training and support materials provided are of lower quality than advertised. EDC Gold and EDC Diamond business is similar to other businesses closed by FTC or forced to reconstruct in order to stay in the business.

When you join GRN (Global Resorts Netowrk) you will pay the one time fee of $2995 and that will cover your lifetime membership. With Global Resorts Network you will earn $1000 in commission for each sale you or your team make.

GRN is a reputable option for any one looking for discounted travel and business opportunity. The Perpetual Leverage pay- plan and remarkable product values leaves all others behind GRN. Hence I, Dean Grzelak decided to join Global Resorts Network instead of EDC Gold or EDC Diamond.

Are you ready to join my winning team? Do you have some questions about how it all works? I can help with that! Go online to my website at: www.4globalsuccess.com or just give me a call: 916.765.8302.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, Dean Grzelak

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Before you become a member of EDC Gold or EDC Diamond be sure to look into Dean Grzelak and GRN GRN One can also find out more about Dean Grzelak here Dean Grzelak

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