Why Choose A Pirate Fancy Dress Costume For The Theme Night

By: Sally Stylles

Pirates have always been the point of focus of fantasy books and movies. Plenty of tales have been woven around the way they dress and carry themselves . However, they are not just popular in movies and books. A pirate costume is very commonly chosen for Halloween fancy dress parties. If you are going to a dress party, then a pirate is a great character to go as. It's popularity is continually on the rise and it would always be fun and a classical favourite.
Choosing the Costume Choices are plenty once you decide to dress up like a pirate. The latest craze is Captain Jack Sparrow with his long dread locks and dark smoky eyes. Another all time favorite is the pirate captain outfit with the hook for a hand and short pants. On the other hand, if you are a female and you want to be a female pirate, then of course there is the flouncy short dress and bandanna.
The pirate costume is available at most of the costume shops . After all, it is a classic. Unless it is Halloween time, you might have to browse online stores for an outfit. There are many websites and online shops that offer all sorts of pirate costumes, both male and female versions.
You might also like to get more creative and design your own outfit. This is also very simple to do. An assortment of items are required to make a classic pirate costume: Baggy clothing in deep rich colors Pants that have been cut off at the knee Thick belt with a large buckle Knee-length boots Frilly Shirt A funky Eye patch Sword Pirate hat Jewelry
If you want to go all out with the costume, then you could add a fake peg leg, a parrot on your shoulder, and even a fake tan (or a real one!) since most pirates look very tanned from the sun. A man with short hair can consider getting a long haired wig, or a wig that has dread locks. Even if you are a girl, you could do dread locks. The best thing about going as a pirate is that your imagination can run wild and nothing is off limits or too tacky.
Keeping the Attitude If you are going to go as a pirate, then it is crucial to play the part instead of simply looking like one. Some would say, if you want to walk the walk then talk the talk. Putting on a low, scratchy voice will do the trick. When someone says "hello", opt for an "ahoy", and you could even go all out and call everyone "mate".
Research and read up some information on pirates from the Internet. There are many resources about the outfits as well so that you can look like a vintage pirate from head to toe. A pirate is traditionally known as someone arrogant, greedy, and rebellious. They also speak loudly, and are usually found with a bottle of rum. Think of Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean.
If the dress party or ball is a bit too serious for the "ahoy's", then you can still be a great pirate without the pirate slang. Dressing up and playing a pirate is just a fun thing in itself, no matter what type of a pirate role you choose to enact. While no one has ever heard of a sophisticated pirate, at least you can look good doing it!

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