Why Buy Used Cars From Sacramento Car Dealerships?

By: Rick Pruett

Buying used cars from the Sacramento car dealership can save you quite a lot of money. This is particularly because a swanky brand new car experiences the greatest loss in worth within the very first 12- 18 months. Instead of watching the value going down at a significant rate, it is much better to watch out cars for sale at Sacramento in order to get the best bang for your dollars on a pre-owned vehicle.

Pre-owned vehicle will have a much lower purchase price and hence you will have to bear a much low cost on the monthly payments. The best part is you can even get factory warranties on used cars. Buying a used wheel thus offers you the utmost advantages of upgrading your car to the newer model and make with more staggering features however without a hefty price tag, whatsoever.

Depreciation for used wheels is much less

If you are still thinking about buying a new car then itís time to rethink. The experts at Kelley Blue Book clearly suggest that in 3 years a swanky new car depreciate as much as 73% of its total value. In the best scenario your new car will simply retain just a slim 62% of its total value after 3 years. And thatís one significant benefit of buying used car.

Letís not deny that car depreciation is a major threat which is turning more and more car buyers to flock at the Sacramento car dealerships for buying like new used cars. As briefed earlier, although itís common for the new car to depreciate by 15-20% of their value almost each year, still the initial year hurts the most. In todayís economic scenario where every dollar that you save, truly matters, it is almost pointless to waste money on car depreciation. It is in fact beneficial to buy a late model used vehicle, which is in good condition to not only save money on depreciation but also to enjoy a rather low buying price and also a much lower registration and license fees. The best part is with a pre-owned vehicle you will also enjoy much lower depreciation, as the previous car owner has already blotted the major portion of the depreciation amount.

You can get more cars for the same amount of money

With the same amount of money (the amount which you may need to buy a small size new car) you can buy a bigger two year old car. Doesnít really matter if you are planning to grow your family because there are plenty of 4 years old Mini vans to keep your needs covered.

You may even get certified pre owned cars

Manufacturers also offer "certified pre-owned" cars to bridge the gap between the used and the new. Certified pre owned cars for sale in Sacramento are also subjected to rigorous inspection as well as thorough repair process, and are also covered by a warranty straight from the car manufacturers. It goes without saying that such cars usually cost bit more, however the peace of mind as well as the added warranty however adds up to their value.

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Rick Pruett is associated with Sacramento car dealerships for the last 11 years. Hence, he knows about the advantages of dealing with authentic Sacramento auto dealers offering cars for sale Sacramento.

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