Why Buck Knife became the most popular knife in the trade.

By: Don Harrisson

When your in the woods, working in the field, or just completing projects around the house; you want a knife that will execute consistently every time, period. Being in the landscaping business, I frequently have a need to use my blade to cut through various materials. After going through several occasions where my cheap Home Depot bought knife broke down or was so dull it was a waste of time, I decided it was time to do this right and get a decent knife. It doesn't take much exploration online to ascertain that Buck Knives are the most respected knife brand on the market today so I bought a Redpoint model Buck Knife. When I got my knife I could tell right away just from the feel and look of the Buck Knife in my hand that this was a terrific purchase. This knife performs so well for me, I bought one as a gift for each of my employees. I'll tell you a little bit about why I think Buck Knives are the top on the market.
If you read a little about the history of the Buck Knife you understand why they are so respected. Company founder Hoyt Buck crafted the first Buck Knife in 1902 in an effort to find a way to temper steel to hold its edge longer. As a blacksmith apprentice, Hoyt Buck worked with the raw materials by hand making each knife that became a mainstay during WWII. The innovation of hand making knives that held its edge longer than any other forged the Buck name as a principal in the industry. The fact that the company is still family owned and operated by third and fourth generation Bucks tell you that the vow to innovation, excellence and service will never waiver and still leads the industry. This is evidenced by the lifetime warranty you get on every Buck Knife you purchase.
In 1964 Al Buck (son of Hoyt) revolutionized the knife making industry when the Folding Hunter Buck Knife was introduced to the marketplace. The folding and locking mechanisms were features that all knife users immediately respected because they worked so effortlessly and consistently. By adapting the folding and locking mechanism to such a wide variety of knife styles, Buck solidified itself once again as industry leaders.
Its rare to find a corporation in any industry that has been around as long as Buck Knives yet is still willing to move forward and make improvements to an already successful product. Once you own a Buck knife and are part of the family, you know without a doubt that you own the best knife money can purchase. And the next time you buy a Buck Knife, you anticipate nothing but the best there is. Ask any knife collector about their knives and you can assure Buck knives are a key part of the assortment. The limited edition Buck knives can be considered family heirlooms and passed from generation to generation. Even your most used Buck knife is built to last for many generations.
In conclusion, it's the family oriented approach this company has taken that has forged its reputation as being the most hardy and steadfast knives on the market. Once you use one, I'm sure you will concur.

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Don O'Dell has been a Buck Knife owner and collector for many years.

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