Why Beef Tenderloin Steaks Seem to be Rising in Popularity

By: Brian Garvin

Beef Tenderloin steaks, also known as filet mignon steaks, used to be something most people had on special occasions. It seems the popularity of beef tenderloin steaks is rising as more beef eaters prefer the better cuts of beef, since beef prices have become more stable. In fact, even premium beef is popular, such as Black Angus and Sterling Silver cuts and Kobe beef is expensive but quite popular.
If you are seeking a tender steak, then tenderloin steaks are the way to go. Why are they so tender? Well it's because they actually come straight from the cow's tenderloin. There are many different sauces out there and you can feel free to use any of them because these have done a great job in boosting the popularity of the tenderloin steaks. Did you know that you may have a different experience everytime you eat the steak just by changing the sauce that you use?
Among the most popular of these tenderloin steaks is the filet mignon, which are cut from tenderloin and may be several inches in thickness. Normally they're wrapped in bacon for cooking, and grilled to medium rare. This gives them some of the greatest texture, as well as flavor in the end.
There are some who like beef tenderloin steaks as is basically, with just a little bit of garlic or herb butter. Then there are those who enjoy the more exotic ingredients. These ingredients can include gorgonzola cheese sauce, peppercorn cream sauce, bernaise sauce, red wine, crab meat, and even green peppers. There are so many different combinations that it's difficult to describe them all.
There are a lot of different marinades out there and some of them include Olive Oil, Garlic, Herbs, Liquid Smoke and many other things that you may or may not have thought of. With beef everyone has different preferences, and while some may be better than others they are all quite yummy.
Regardless of what way you would prefer your beef tenderloin steaks to be served in, you can actually just have salt and pepper on them, and it will taste just fine. It's lack of dependance on seasoning is one of the reasons that it has risen in popularity.
For the most part, steak enthusiasts will say that you should not cook beef tenderloin steaks beyond anything but medium, or you might as well be eating roast beef. This is true because the beef tenderloin steaks don't have a high amount of fat, and that's why they're normally paired with strips of bacon. If you want to go for a well done steak anyway, make sure you add some sort of oil, or you won't be having a steak at all.
People that love red meat will love beef tenderloin steaks, and to make it even better they have drastically dropped in price, becoming accessible to just about anyone that wants to experience it. High quality steaks will still be pricey, but what else could you expect?
Since these wonderful beef tenderloin steaks are so low in fat and carbs, it doesn't matter whether or not you are on a diet because it won't hurt you at all. They're very high in popularity now, simply because it's the best steak that you can get these days.

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