Why Baton Rouge Braces Are Necessary

By: john adam

Of some 4.5 million Americans who wear Baton Rouge braces, 20% to 25% are adults. The procedures can be lengthy, ex-pensive, uncomfortable and sometimes painful. So why do so many people let themselves in for orthodontics? The most common reason is looks; straight teeth are an asset. But just as important, good alignment makes cleaning easier and spreads the pressure of chewing more evenly. The closer that tooth can be made to match the ideal, the better the chances of fending off periodontal disease, which accounts for most tooth loss in adults. And realigning the jaw means that the teeth and jaw can work together harmoniously. There’s another reason: The social stigma of braces is gone, some people look at it as self- improvement, like running.

Because of better technology, braces no longer look like the “railroad tracks" of old. Brackets on metal braces are smaller, and plastic or ceramic brackets that are attached directly to each tooth and connected by metal wires match enamel better. Lingual appliances—so-called invisible braces—fasten to the tongue side of the teeth in a way that makes them inconspicuous. A disadvantage of nonmetal braces is that they discolor more readily than metal ones and are prone to break and come loose. Lingual braces, being next to the tongue, can cause a kind of lisp unless wearers can get used to having them. Standing on one side of a window and trying to hammer a nail on the other side. The linguals cost one-third to one-half more than traditional appliances, and sometimes the treatment takes longer. Most orthodontists frown on lingual braces unless the patient is psychologically or professionally unable to go public with regular braces.

With the mouth closed, the upper and lower back teeth should mesh like the cogs in a gear and the front teeth should meet, with the lower ones placed just inside the upper. If the teeth veer from the ideal, undue pressure is exerted against several teeth. In time, if patient clench and grind the teeth, the imbalance can weaken supporting bone and tissues of the gum or joint. Malocclusion, or bad bite, is trace-able to heredity, such bad habits as clenching and grinding the teeth, injury, disease or premature tooth loss. To realign teeth, Baton Rouge braces, elastics and other fittings are used to apply force to the crown of each tooth. As pressure is transferred to the root and bone, the cells in front of the movement resorb, or break down, while new cells fill in the vacancy. When pressure on the realigned tooth is released, the bone becomes strong enough to anchor it.

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