Why Are Boots Your Best Choice for Winter?

By: Marcia Dale

There are several reasons why boots are the best choice for winter and all of them make perfect sense. Even so, where you live and climate conditions can factor in greatly with regards to what type of boot is best suited for you. For instance if you live where there's snow on the ground and freezing conditions all winter long you're going to be wearing boots for the entire duration. However, it's going to take more than one style to get you through because you certainly don't want to be stuck wearing the same pair of boots every day for every occasion all winter long.

So if it's a very cold climate you may want to look into getting a pair of boots that feature a thermal insert. A removable fabric interior that provides added insulation that can make all the difference in the world in extremely cold climate conditions, removable inserts are also quite cosy and comfortable.

Then of course there's style to consider, just because you're wearing boots doesn't mean that you have to look like you just rode in on horseback from herding cattle on a ranch. Boots have come a long way, there's huge selection online now but remember one thing; as soon as you bring them home you may want to consider giving them a good treatment with high-quality water repellent in preparation for damp conditions.

A good set of shoe trees also work wonders for keeping boots up in the wintertime. It's the moisture and the constant temperature fluctuations of going from cold and wet to warm and dry when you walk inside a building that can work to degrade any type of leather footwear. Shoe trees work great to keep them from curling up at the toe and losing their shape.

Then if it gets wet and muddy in the wintertime where you live, you may be well served by looking into acquiring a pair of Wellington's or “Wellies” as they have come to be called. Not only are they the latest trend but they're impervious to even the worst weather conditions. They are the perfect boot for heading out in into nasty weather and sloshing your way through springtime days when the snow's melting but not yet gone.

Now when you're purchasing your boots for the upcoming winter you have to keep a few things in mind. That is that they tend to take longer to break-in than standard footwear, particularly if they're a heavier boot that's made from thicker leather, so you may want to make a point of breaking yours in so they'll be ready when winter conditions arrive. Then don't forget that you're also going to be wearing a thicker sock with your boots when you finally put them on and face actual winter conditions. If you try them on with a thin sock they may fit just fine but then end up being a little bit tight when you end up wearing them in actual winter conditions.

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