Why A Warranty Is Important

By: Tom Sanderrs

Why would you bother with a warranty? Simply put it is your ticket to peace of mind when you buy products. No matter how good the company is, products can break down after a certain period of time. Sometimes defects in workmanship are not apparent until you have used the product for a little while. When you buy lighting fixtures that have extended warranties you safeguard yourself against any problems further down the road.
If a business offers a one year or two year warranty it is a sign that they are reliable and care about their customers. If you find a company that offers a three year warranty on its product this is an exceptional one. This shows that the company is dependable and will stand behind its products.
What should a really good quality warranty have?
* An extension of at least two years, ideally three: Warranties on a product should cover at least two years and if you are fortunate they may give three years. Companies that offer warranties of up to three years are worth staying with. Companies like these value their customers by making long lasting products.
* Cover normal wear and tear: Most of the good warranties will specify that they cover normal wear and tear. This means that they will honour that warranty on their product as long as the item has been subject to normal usage.
* Specifically state if it is a manufacturer warranty or store warranty: There can be two types of guarantee, a store warranty and manufacturer warranty. Store warranty means the store handles the warranty claim. If it is a manufacturer warranty, the store will instruct you how to ship the item to the manufacturer. It is common to see combined warranties with the manufacturer offering an initial term and the store offering a third party warranty to cover an extended period after the manufacturer's warranty.
* It should be in writing: when you purchase a product you should always have a written warranty. This protects you as oral agreements will not be remembered if you want the warranty to be honored a year or two from purchase.
The product must conform to certain standards when you buy it for the warranty to be valid. You should read these warranties carefully to be sure there are no loopholes. This is because they span a long time frame, one to three years, and you do not want to take your product back to the store after a year and find that due to some loophole the warranty is invalid.
When you buy a product always ask the business about the guarantee that comes with the goods. Good lighting fixtures can be expensive, especially if you are buying multiple items, so the last thing you want is to outlay a large amount of money and be left with faulty goods. Keep these points in mind and you will be able to choose the right warranty that suits your specific needs.

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