Whole Food Vitamins and Supplements for Maximum Health

By: Chris Robertson

Just as the name suggests, micronutrients are nutrients the body needs in miniscule amounts. Just because our bodies need them in such tiny amounts does not mean we can do without them altogether, however. Supplements made from whole foods, such as Garden of Life and New Chapter Vitamins, provide micronutrients for optimum health and well-being.

When food is not enough

While scientists, doctors, and nutritionists may disagree on the exact components of a maximally healthy diet, most agree that fruits and vegetables are very important. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and micronutrients. The best way to gain the health benefits of fruits and vegetables is simple-include ample amounts and variety in your diet.

Sometimes our diets do not provide all the micronutrients we need. This could be because of the quality of our diets, our stage of life, dietary restrictions, or illness or stress. For example, adults over 50 years old may need more vitamin C than younger people. Also, the possible disease-fighting benefits of vitamin E require more vitamin E than can be obtained from our food.

In situations where we do not get adequate vitamins and minerals from the food we eat, we can add micronutrients to our diets in the form of supplements. When you body requires more nutrients than you can obtain from the food you eat, appropriate whole food supplements can deliver the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimum health. New Chapter, Garden of Life, and Mt. Capra offer high-quality whole food supplements that deliver all the benefits of whole foods.

Whole food supplements

With our digestive tracts under assault these days, it's a comfort to know nutritional supplements can help restore and optimize digestive health. Primal Defense powder by Garden of Life does just that. Primal Defense contains probiotics, which are living organisms that support the body's absorption of nutrients. Probiotics can help restore balance within the gastrointestinal system.

Sometimes it's just not possible to eat all the fruits and vegetables we need to be healthy. CapraGreens by Mt. Capra is a convenient way to provide your body with the nutritional benefits of some of the most powerful foods. Among other ingredients, CapraGreens has vitamin C-rich broccoli; acerola cherries for antioxidants, phytonutrients, and flavonoids; folic acid, vitamin A, and iron from spinach, and the strong antioxidant cinnamon.

Garden of Life's Vitamin Code provides raw vitamin supplements. Made with raw food-created nutrients, the whole-food antioxidants are available as multi-vitamins or in formulations for individual vitamins such as C, E, and B-12.

New Chapter has been creating whole-food nutritional products for over 24 years. Their products use only real food and herbs. Berry Green Vcaps combine 20 organic fruits and green vegetables with health-giving herbs. For bone health, New Chapters offers a balanced combination of seven probiotic minerals and nine free-radical scavenging herbs.

When you can't get everything your body needs from the foods you eat, rely on whole-food vitamins and nutritional supplements from New Chapter, Garden of Life and other reputable companies devoted to natural health and nutrition.

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