Who wants to try Linux?

By: Syahrul Azlan

Linux has been something like monotony nowadays. Its fame makes it being the talk of the town - various Linux downloads, Linux programs, etc... And what's great about this is - it's all for free! However, free programs or software would always come to an end due to the rising number of users as well as the demands them constantly plea. There will really come a time that some of them will be priced just right for its effectiveness and usage. But that won't tremble any of the existing and satisfied users of Linux because they already know how great it is to use such system.

Most of today's Linux subscribers were actually using other operating systems and decided to transfer to Linux because of some annoying experiences. You can almost hear their murmurs whenever they talk about their previous systems. A complaint from a lady in her workplace have been heard telling that she got all fed up and totally annoyed with her current operating system and thinks of migrating to Linux. No worries at all because I think it's just so easy to do it. Another thing is, switching to Linux can be very fast for her since she's not using the software herself.

But before you go through, you ought to know more things about Linux. First thing must be you need to take a look if your present software is compatible to the new operating system, will it be more intuitive, user-friendly and worry-free. If you have this thing you can now decide what the next thing to do is.

Talking about free, most of the Linux software are really for free but that doesn't bother you? According to another colleague, you need to watch out if you're planning to use Linux.The more "freebie" it becomes, the more it is prone to some malicious software or programs or something like that.

Before you transfer to Linux the next thing to know if you don't want to regret and find yourself trap in a dangling web of a killer which will make you gasp for breath and pray you should stayed in your safe little hole-place try to find out first if the Linux commands are still the same and you should familiarize all the additional major features, functions, etc. and be familiarize what kind of environment it is. Then so be it.

However, if you are confident enough and ready to try something new, go for it be "in" but make sure that you choose the positive side of the fence in which everyone is talking about. So far, for the many of us, although some of Linux software are still free to use and or free to download it is still very friendly to use and friendly on the budget as well.

The first best thing that you should do is to read more reviews. Go to sites that has recommendations and some know-hows about Linux and it's corresponding software. Find out if your present programs can work with Linux. Users of the other OS sometimes complain about little things like how their pretty and petty card game can't work on Linux!

For a piece of advice, before you weigh the odds, see the possibilities first. It is very important that you are comfortable with your decision so that in the end you'll not regret it like a disgruntled and dissatisfied user of another OS might really try Linux out and even though he needs to get used to different Linux commands. The point here is if you're sick and get tired with what you have, go for the next one and with Linux, it seems they're just doing that. Try everything which makes you satisfied!

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