Who Said Losing Weight Is Hard?

By: Gen Wright

If you have become overweight and do not do enough proper exercise you are in fact losing an opportunity to have your metabolism (your body's engine) get rid of the excess weight naturally for you. This means if you take a little time and put in a little effort you can speed up your fat burning machinery so it will slowly but surely burn off the fat and use it for fuel for your increased energy requirements.

The simple fact is if you are overweight you are eating more food than your body is burning off through movement and activity. The more overweight you become the slower your metabolism will get which means the longer you leave the problem the harder it will become to ever get back your slim trim body.

You might even say it doesn't matter, that you are quite happy with your weight and your body size. But if someone came along and offered you a chance to be slim again with a click of the fingers it is highly likely you would take that opportunity.

Increasing the speed of our metabolism is the easiest way to lose weight without the horror of restrictive food dieting. Instead of starving if off (which doesn't work anyway) consider improving your metabolic efficiency and have it do the work for you.

The number one way to do this is to increase the condition of your muscles. Your metabolic rate is determined by your body composition (muscle tissue/fat ratio). If you are overweight it is likely you have muscle wasting from not doing enough strength building and maintaining activity. Then your fuel burning becomes less efficient and more fat gets piled into the storage cells. So the simple and logical thing to do is to reverse this situation and boost your fat burning machinery by working your muscles.

Since the condition of your muscles is absolutely vital to lose weight you need to understand that a strength training program is the only activity that will do this. Forget your long, slow low intensity activities like walking, jogging or cycling as these do not work your muscles through their full ranges of movement under a load.

If the thought of doing this type of activity (strength training) is not appealing to you, you had better get used to the fact you will continue to gain weight along with suffering from low energy, lower than normal self esteem and are exposed to the very real risk of serious disease somewhere down the track.

Surely it is much easier to take the time to have a proper exercise program set up by a fitness professional and get started on the journey back to a strong, lean, healthy body with your fat burning machinery in peak condition. Apart from losing excess weight you will also benefit from having loads more energy, looking and feeling years (maybe even decades) younger, and protecting yourself from killer diseases that could well be sneaking up on you without you even knowing it.

It is without a single doubt that it is worth making time for a proper exercise program in your life. Once set up it and done right, just two sessions each week with have a positive impact on your metabolism and ultimately your health, wellness, vitality, energy and the way you look and feel for the rest of your life.

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My name is Carolyn Hansen, and my goal is to show you how to automate your weight loss by mastering your metabolism in as little as 30 days. I have been doing it for years, and you can do it too. Come find out how.

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