Who Is More Prone To Drugs; Man Or Woman?

By: James Handforth

It is a common observation that the male members of our community are more inclined to acquire drug dependence as compared to the females. One of the most important reasons may be that they spend most of their time with their friends, and in order to keep up with them, they feel the need to have drugs. The studies reveal that school boys suffer more from drug addiction and other related issues as compared to girls. On the contrary, the problems are also dealt with the use of drugs. Boys release stress through drugs. Therefore, the ratio of depression due to excessive use of drugs is also seen more amongst men. Moreover, sexually transmitted diseases are also a gift of drug addiction.
If a guy is having a bad company, who are drug addict, he will also feel the excitement to taste it once in life. However, using drug once is to dump oneself forever. It is an ongoing process, and the craving increases eventually. Thus, it ends up in a complete dependence on drugs. Most of the male members of community are involved in selling of drugs to school boys thus, leading them to utter devastation.
They make a lot of money by selling and distributing drugs. They also make considerable profits out of these drugs, but for that they need to know all about drugs. Most of the men adopt this as a source of earning money for keeping their families.
Some boys come from rich families and are not popular in their high school or colleges; as a result, they get depressed and start to use drugs like cocaine (also known as the businessman drug) because it is famous for being expensive, and not everyone can afford to use it.
They use cocaine as a substitute of friends. They also use it as a bridge to make new friends and also to become famous amongst fellow students. Most of the people use it for getting rid of their solitude. However, addiction varies from one person to another depending upon the conditions of sufferings.
Females are not in to strong addiction of drugs. The only items that females are addicted to, more than males, are being in love, chocolates, coffee, cigarettes and foods in general. Men are more adventurous in nature, like they love to try new things, and they have a more addictive personality towards the things that they enjoy.
The food items, caffeine and coffee are things to which women are mostly addicted. It is a common observation that women are more inclined towards eating when they are suffering from anxiety or stress. This leads to weight gain. They also smoke for keeping their attention diverted from eating, in order to lose weight.
Some studies reveal that females are more prone to being addicted to drugs. But, they only get addicted if they are in an abusive relationship, or if they are in a career related to drug usage (prostitutes, strippers, etc.). Taking drugs may be a way for them to release their pain, and feeling better.

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