Who Gets Anxiety and Panic Attacks and Why

By: Gordon Dalwood

People that have either anxiety or panic attacks can have them for various reasons. There is not just one specific cause for these things to happen with people. It can be many different things together or one particular thing that triggers the anxiety or panic. Let's delve more into this subject to see what we can learn.
People can have genetic traits that may affect their being sensitive to anxiety and fear. They may easily feel anxious and may even have a nervous breakdown by encountering the slightest reason to fear. They are referred to in society as people who are naturally high strung.
If you are going through a tough situation in your life it is easy to feel anxiety over it. Many people today are anxious over their finances and how they are going to pay their bills. This may even make some people have full-blown panic attacks over their situations. Of course this is one of the more normal reasons to feel anxiety and panic.
Another common problem is depression. People who are depressed normally feel worried, stressed, and anxious. This factor will even make the person to think irrationally, especially in situations where correct thinking is expected. Anxiety due to factors like this could lead to panic attacks.
Being calm at times where you need to when facing tough situations is the result of thinking rationally. But aside from anxiety and fear, people would further increase the level of anxiety when they continue taking prohibited drugs and alcohol. The right reasoning will definitely become distorted due to these influences.
Panic attacks come not just once in a lifetime. After having an panic attack, panic will likely attack again. This factor can also increase the occurrence of panic attacks as the person becomes afraid of another attack. The recurrence will just continue unless the anxiety is treated.
Panic attacks can be a vicious cycle because of this fact. Left untreated you can go through many panic attacks on a regular basis. These can strip you from a normal life, instead your days are all about trying to prevent these attacks, or being afraid to do anything.
You may have experienced a traumatic incident in your life that you are afraid of its recurrence. Because of this fear, the after effects of such incidence could be anxiety and fear. If you let this fear to overcome you and to trouble you, this anxiety will tend to become panic attacks later on.
What is taken in this article is the fact that every one of us can be affected by anxiety, fear, and stress at some point in our lives. Although it's true that not all of us are attacked by extreme anxiety, there is still the possibility that it will happen, especially if we do not know how to control our feelings and emotions. To help yourself prevent this from happening, research information about the traditional therapies, and alternative medications that you can use to free yourself from worries and anxiety before it ruins your life.

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