Who Gets Acne Pimples?

By: Valerie DeVette

For a lot of people, especially teenagers, acne is a common condition that they have had to deal with for a long time. Some of them are so used to it; they know exactly when they will get a breakout and how to treat them to cover them up. They are expert on products that get rid of acne because they have tried them all in search of the most suitable one for their skin. The bad news is that everyone gets acne at some point of their lives, even if it is a sporadic breakout
The sebaceous glands produce oil to lubricate and also protect the skin, but if the oil cannot reach the surface because the skin openings are blocked by the cells that surround it, then acne can develop. The oil gets trapped under the skin and bacteria feed on it, creating a pimple. A postule is the name of the breakout if the inflammation is close to the exterior of the skin. In case it is deeper in the skin, the result is a papule or pimple. And a cyst is formed when it is even deeper. Over time, a pimple becomes an accumulation of dead cells, called pus. Whiteheads are the result of the pus reaching the surface. Blackheads are formed if the pus comes in contact with oxygen and is affected by it, changing its color.
Most people during their teenage years get acne. During this period of their lives, teens suffer many hormonal changes, which triggers an over production of sebum by the sebaceous glands, getting facial acne most of the time. If this is not taken care of, the acne gets worse. For people who have got acne, it is vital to find a good treatment to stop it, especially in extreme cases.
Who Gets Pimples besides Teenagers?
People who suffer from dry skin can also be affected by acne, unlike most people think. People with dry skin are vulnerable to their skin cracking, which leaves it exposed to bacteria, leading to possible breakouts. Pollution is another agent that can lead to acne if the skin is not cleansed well. The skin protects the body by not letting pollutants in, but they can block the pores, causing oil accumulation under the skin and leading to acne breakouts.
Adults can also get acne. Statistics say that 25% of male adults and 50% of female adults get acne breakouts in their adult life. There is not an specific reason as to why they get it, but it is usually related to stress, hormonal changes, reaction to cosmetics, etc. Given the fact that anyone can get breakouts, being informed about acne skin care is very important to keep our skin healthy.

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