Who Else Wants Diamond Jewelry?

By: Don Pedro

Diamonds are tiny little pieces of heaven. Even if you aren't in the skies, holding one in your hands could give you a feeling like you are. It calls out to you so that you never want to let it go. Well, that's why so many people pay so much for it. Plus, it doesn't break easily at all. What a gem!
Many insist that a diamond is the best forms of jewelry one can think of. It is hard, it shines, and it does not destroy easily. Why else do you think it sells so well as a precious stone? Hardly any array of jewelry is complete without them. Any wonder why your wife keeps insisting on you buying her that lovely diamond jewelry?
There is no way you are using a diamond in a jewel in its rough form; you'd look more mad than majestic. You need to run the stone through a couple of cutting processes that will bring out the sparkle in it. By the time you are done, you want a precious stone that will do you proud and fatten your bank account.
Since the time it was discovered, the beauty of diamonds has been such that only the best of men could own it. They were originally only owned by lords or kings, nobles or men of wealth. It is like the purity of the piece calls for the purest of men, and indeed they respond. They did so then, as well they do now.
Diamonds are mined from areas where there hasn't been any activity for billions of years. Only there can you hope to find it after the length of time it has taken to form. That is partly why the jewel made from it is the only one that costs as much as it does all over the world.
When you see a person wear a diamond, the person is always so beautiful. Yet, it is not the person that is so; it is the diamond that they wear. That is the thing about diamonds; you might not be so beautiful yourself, but the diamond beautifies you. How awesome!
Kimberlitic diamonds are the ones that are born where diamonds belong: at the crust, in the soul of the earth. They are the pure ones that make priceless jewels that sell for millions of dollars. The other types - ones made in less deep parts, and brought to the surface by tectonic activity - instead consist of microdiamonds that are less than 1 mm in diameter. Not your ideal jewel material.
The stones that made the mountains were not always solid. At one time, they were molten, known as magma, made so by the extreme pressures and heat in the earth's heart; the same pressures and heat that formed diamonds over eons of processing. So when the magma came up, so did the diamonds with it. Today, we mine them and wear them, and we bask in the glory of the diamond jewelry.
There are all kinds of diamonds. You've got white, black, red, pink and blue. Black diamonds are called carbonados. Most people don't believe they come from earth, although how they got here then beats me.

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