Who Else Loves Bugs Bunny Easter Bunny?

By: Jane Underbowl

Easter is a time for kids to enjoy themselves with family and friends. What better way to put the magic into their Easter than dressing up as bugs bunny the Easter bunny to get them enjoying Easter.
Why wouldn't kids love Easter bunnies, they are the ones that bring them all the Easter treats like Easter eggs, Easter candy, Easter cake and all sorts of other Easter goodies. By adding bugs bunny Easter bunny into the mix you will really add something special.
While there are still a lot of people who have religious customs during that time of year, the Easter is starting to be more and more commercialized. More then ever the candy and the bugs bunny Easter bunny costume is becoming more and more popular during that time of year, which is, always spring.
But the idea of the cartoon bugs bunny Easter bunny confuses a lot of people when they do not understand where the concept of the easter bunny came from. Depending on who you talk to, you are more in likely going to get some religious reference as the answer to your question. Most times though that answer will still be different.
While there are theories on where the idea of the easter bunny came about, there is no absolute proof on where it all originated. The idea though is to figure out what you believe, if any of it and continue to have fun with the Easter holiday.
How Far It Has Spread
A few years back, you would simply find the bugs bunny Easter bunny in the mall and maybe imprinted on some chocolate. But now, after commercialization has set in, the easter bunny has his or her face plastered on just about everything during the spring season.
But now, not just the Easter bunny, but the man himself bugs bunny easter bunny can be seen plastered everywhere. He's on Easter candy, Easter cards, Easter toys, Easter games, Easter baskets etc. With all this exposure, the Easter bunny is truly the most recognized symbol of Easter. There have been a lot of talk in the forums about how awful it is that the true meaning of Easter has been lost. But Easter can only really mean what you have grown up with thinking that it means.
So Easter is here, and no matter what your beliefs of this great holiday are, be sure to enjoy them with those who are closest to you.

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