Who Can Benefit From Speech Therapy?

By: Chriss Tyrrell

So just who can benefit from speech therapy? The fact is that while most people tend to automatically assume that it is only small children who tend to benefit the most from speech therapy, the truth is that people of all ages can and frequently do reap positive benefits from it. However; by far it is children who are most likely to undergo treatment.

New Effective Treatment Techniques

The most common speech impediment that will bring a young child into a speech therapists office is stuttering. The reason for this is simple and that is that stuttering is the most commonly heard speech problem in children. Still one more factor that is motivating more parents to bring their child in for speech therapy, is new positive developments in the treatment of stuttering.

More Is Known Today About Stuttering

This is because more is known today about stuttering and its treatment then ever before. What this means is the depending on each persons individual case, treatments for stuttering are also delivering faster results. Remember that stuttering often simply goes away as a child ages but often times it can develop into a life long adult condition.

Speech Impediments and Social Development

Human developmental experts are all in agreement that the personality that a person will carry with them their entire adult life is for the most part developed while they are a child. What this means is that by delaying speech therapy treatment for stuttering or any other speech impediment for that matter can have far reaching effects on an individual. Low self esteem and problems with socializing with peers are just two of the long term problems that can arise from stuttering.

Common Speech Therapy Treatments

There are several common speech therapy treatments for stutterers and they can be used individually or in any number of combinations. The age of the person being treated, the severity of the speech condition and the level of response to any individual treatment method or technique all can be and often are determinate factors in tailoring a course of therapy.

One Common Speech Therapy Technique

One of the most common speech therapy treatment techniques involves working with a patient to eliminate or minimize areas of their vocabulary where problems occur. That is that replacements or alternatives for certain words that may be giving a stuttering child or adult problems will be inserted into their vocabulary, thus eliminating the problem. Further along, as the child improves, the child can then begin to “re-use” those words that were eliminated.

Another Common Speech Therapy Treatment Method

Another common speech therapy technique for children and adults with stuttering issues involves methodically slowing down their speech during therapy sessions. Through this type of slow motion speech therapy, problem areas can be more effectively addressed. After progress has been made, just like a student driver in a drivers training course, the child will be allowed to gradually increase their speech speed until they can talk through problem areas unimpeded.

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