Whiter Teeth, Achieved in Variety of Treatment Options

By: Peter Roseberg

Cosmetic dentistry has more to offer the average patient than ever before. Treatments are more efficient and accessible, also more affordable even without the assistance of dental coverage. If you're ever in need of restorative, maintenance treatments, then the available options should offer you the best your conveniences and finances can afford. There was a time when bleaching procedures were considered a luxury. Nowadays, practically anyone can achieve healthier, whiter teeth with a few hundred dollars and an hour's worth of procedures. The ideal treatments still depend on your current condition and your dentist's recommendations, though.

Tooth Bleaching Offers Whiter Teeth in a Pinch

As mentioned, tooth bleaching procedures are the popular choice for those who want whiter teeth in a pinch. These are achieved in several ways, but in-office procedures yield the most favorable results. Dental clinics have been offering whitening trays for years now, with bleaches in custom formulations and applicators fabricated to match the teeth's exact contours. The problem with dental trays is in the application, since patients are required to take the kits back home and follow through on the routines. There's always the chance the applicators are left to sit on teeth longer than prescribed, and sometimes the bleaching gel leaks into surrounding gum tissue.

Bleaching Kits and Application Routines

Bleaching gels are mildly formulated as a precautionary measure against overexposure. As a result, prescription periods usually last as long as two weeks of nightly routine, and some patients discontinue use after a week of minimal benefit. It's important usage is moderated and maintained, if the expected results are to be achieved. For those impatient enough to go through the weeks of routines, there's an efficient alternative which shortens the treatment period to less than an hour's worth of exposures.

In-Office Bleaching Procedures Resolve Your Hassles

In-office bleaching procedures provide the best solution for superficial tooth stains, and the results are as immediate and drastic as they come. These use bleaching gels in the highest concentration possible, around 30 to 33% (of hydrogen and carbamide peroxide solution). Industry-grade formulations are safely applied under the supervision of licensed practitioners, and the caustic side effects on gum tissue are minimized with brief exposures and protective gear.

Limitations of the Treatment

Note that teeth whitening procedures are only effective against superficial stains, the kind that sits on the surface of enamel pores. Internal stains are difficult, almost impossible to remove, and the best solutions often involve restorative cover-ups like porcelain veneers, crowns, even implants. This is why bleaching is only considered after a thorough evaluation of your condition; the nature of the discoloration has to be determined before the handful of treatments are considered. You'll also have to brace yourself for the cost of the sessions. A full session usually takes up to four fifteen-minute exposures, each costing several hundred dollars.

Enhancement Options

You'll also have the option of laser-enhanced treatments for additional cost. The bleaching gel applications are activated with laser light, offering intensive cleansing of enamel pores, and maximizing the benefits. It'll all depend on your dentist's recommendations and your ability to finance the treatments. You can visit brisbanesmilecentre.com if you're considering a combination of cosmetic dental procedures. Tooth bleaching is but one of many options, and you have to consider alternatives if you want to ensure optimum benefits.

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