Whiter Teeth: 5 Inexpensive and Easy Steps to Whiter Teeth

By: Jewelyn Ralle

Everyone wished they were Wendy back in the day. Every year on picture day she was the girl who always had the greatest smile and the photographer loved it. She was so photogenic that her portrait was always displayed by the studio window.
As an adult, I did everything I could to have a perfect smile just like Wendy's. While I didn't get expensive braces or veneers, but I certainly improved my smile by having whiter teeth. If you want to make yours a whole lot brighter, here are five easy and inexpensive teeth whitening suggestions that you can try:
Avoid Dark-Colored Food and Drinks
Tea and coffee are not the only culprits. Chocolates and sodas are also part of that list. My dentist said anything that can stain a white shirt can do the same to your teeth. If you can't help it, just brush after every meal.
Stay a Non-Smoker
Not only is smoking bad for your lungs, it's a no-no for your teeth as well. It contains tar and other toxic chemicals that cause yellowish stains that no teeth whitening treatment can fix. Smokers have to quit cold turkey to make their teeth return to their natural color.
Take Antibiotics Only When Needed
Did you know that even children can suffer from teeth discoloration? Children will get gray teeth if they take antibiotics like tetracycline while their teeth are still growing out.
Make Time for Regular Dental Cleaning
Whenever possible, I ask for regular cleaning from my dentist. Even if I don't pay for professional teeth whitening, having my mouth cleaned from all that food build-up provides a good working base for at-home-teeth-brightening kits I regularly use.
Choose Healthy (Crunchy) Fruits and Veggies
Snacking on apples and celery can also help you have whiter teeth. Chewing makes for good cleaning action and they also polish teeth by circulating saliva in your mouth.
Having whiter teeth isn't just about being vain - it's about appreciating your own smile. Adopt simple habits that can keep stains off, and don't forget to have professional cleaning done to keep your teeth bright. If we all had the confidence to smile more, wouldn't the world look like a friendlier place?

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Jewelyn Ralle is a veteran beauty consultant and blogger who loves dispensing helpful advice about how to get Whiter Teeth without breaking bank.

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