Whiten Your Teeth and Recapture Your Smile

By: Dane Masters

Can you imagine a huge reservoir filled with some sort of goopy stuff? Well, this was supposed to whiten one's teeth and was known as a dental reservoir. This teeth whitening system had to be kept on all night, without spreading to the gums. Now, was that easy, considering that saliva poured into the mouth all night long and the teeth had gums attached to them? It would have been tolerable if the results had been beneficial! But the gums ended up being extra sensitive and weak. The teeth of course, looked whiter; but so did the gums!
Then we were offered a new and improved teeth whitening systemor, actually, product: the gel with the cap and brush connected (which looked just like the White-out wand, really. One painted the gel on each tooth, in the direction of the teeth-up and down, not across-and then stayed careful with mouth fixed in a simian grin so that lips and saliva did not interfere with the bleaching action.
Then the teeth-whitening system using strips was to make the whole process less time consuming, easier, and yielding better results. But the stiff strips didn't set flush against the whole tooth, and after that easy, breezy procedure, we found patches of new white-looking teeth and patches of grey, stained, or yellowed teeth (untouched areas).
Appreciated by many people, the Ionic White Teeth Whitening System is the latest on the market. After the whitening gel is painted on all the teeth, the person is asked to smile at a blue light for the space of five minutes. In the meantime, an action of swishing takes place. This is done thrice with the aid of the thick and gummy gel. One wonders how successful this swishing really is, considering that it is done with a gel; a wash would definitely have been more advisable where swishing was concerned.
Coming to teeth whitening toothpastes, they are too many to count on one's fingers. Among them, Smoker's toothpaste is worth trying. The best one is the Rembrandt toothpaste, though one has to shell out eight dollars for each toothpaste. Even better than the toothpaste is the Rembrandt Teeth Whitening System. A system of trays spread with the whitening gel is used here. The trays are pushed in and taken out of the mouth in five incremental sessions, within a period of about two hours. If the person finishes the treatment before two hours, he/she is free to go. These trays have tabs and are pliable. Additionally, the thick gum stays in place and does not drip or stain the surrounding gums. Each time a tray is removed, the mouth can be aired and the teeth rinsed to get rid off the gel on them.
A dentist refuses to use simple measures to whiten his patient's teeth; he prefers to use complicated methods involving just a few high-tech seconds instead! But few can afford the price of this cosmetic procedure, and therefore go for over-the-counter solutions. These are low-cost and have to be carried out quarterly or half-yearly. The best part is the cost can be recovered from insurance!

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