Which multivitamins can hurt your health

By: Costillo Shere

There has been a climb in consumer interest in vitamins with the whole supplement market commanding over 6 billion in sales as of 2013. The course doesn't seem to be slowing down with the industry growing 8% year over year. Many people don't query the utility of taking exorbitant amounts of multivitamins thinking that more is always better. So the topic that physicians have recently begun to ponder is if these vitamins have destructive effects. Has the increasing sales in this business actually deteriorated peoples healthiness or is taking multivitamins the best approach to fighting off poor health and the likes.

Several weeks ago the Cochran review an organization that works to elucidate research findings reviewed thousands of randomized controlled clinical trials encompassing over 296,000 participants half of which were randomized to take various supplements including beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium and compared them to the other fifty percent of the patients who were set as controls. This study was setup as a randomized double blinded study which means that neither the patients nor doctors who providing the medication knew what the pills actually contained which may have been supplements or placedo i.e.)the control cohort receiving placebo prescription.

Studies like this have been done formerly to evaluate the health benefits of supplements with confounding results as they were often without enough patients or were not coordinated in such a manner to be able to answer the clinical question. The Current study however has been powered to be able to shed some light on the age old inquiry of whether vitamin containing supplements are really good for you.

"The real concern comes into play when you consider that perfectly healthy individuals are taking enormous amounts of multivitamins in order to stay healthy" - Dr. Golshani an acclaimed Los Angeles based interventional oncologist stated. Some dietary supplements are definitely indicated for certain illnesses vitamin supplements are essential as the body does not make, incorporate or utilize certain supplements in some clinical syndromes. However for the normal fourthly something supplements in particular antioxidants which have been in days gone by heralded for their malignancy thwarting powers taking supplements may actually be increasing their risk of cancers.

In early 2008 the Cohran review conducted a contracted study than the current one and couldnt find any reason for a healthy adult to take a multivitamin supplement that was not recommended for a certain disorder and/or clinical syndrome. The current study that we are talking about here further reaffirmed this notion. It was actually found that in these healthy individuals taking beta-carotene containing supplements and possibly vitamin E and/or citamin A was associated with increased risk of death. Yes death this means that almost everything we thought we knew about supplements and taking multivitamins may be wrong.

A current consideration as to why this may be the case for several vitamins and their potential cancer causing traits is that antioxidants have long been believed to help save cells from early death well in a clinical context cancer cells occure naturaly and our bodies have a workings to blot out these cells but taking supplements that work as antioxidants can work to also save these cancerous cells from being tagged by the bodies normal methods of destroying these rogue cells.

The fact still remains that there is no policy yet about whether all or most supplements are adverse to our health because even in this study several of the tested supplements did not show detrimental health effects including the use of vitamin C and Selenium. What is now clear is that we ned to be more deliberate with our bodies and take what we see on the back of a supplement bottle with a grain of salt.

Physicians can likely help in deciding wether you should take a multivitamin/supplement or not. If they are unaware of the health risks or benefits of a certain approach then they can definitely guide you or look into the approach to best practices.

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