Which are regarded as morbid psychology in workplace

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In the workplace, everyone should be involved in social interaction, good or bad interpersonal in workplace is very important for everyone, because only healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationships, can be able to have a pleasant working environment, to improve work efficiency and create more value for individuals and businesses.
Adverse psychological state in real life hindered the normal development of the interpersonal in social, is just socially morbid psychology that psychiatrist talked about, there are some following kinds that can be often seen, you should try to avoid:
Suspicion psychology:
Someone often inspect opponent with distrust eyes, when in social intercourse or ask your friend for help, unwarranted suspicion, hearsay evidence, make irresponsible remarks, as some people asked a friend for help, but ask other people about a friend act, as a result of influence the relationship between friends.
Cowardice psychology:
People who have no experience of life, introverted, and a little word, because of cowardice, even if they think it is right in social intercourse, after careful consideration, but did not dare to express. Others can observe this psychology, causing having their own views, and do not want to become good friends.
Inferiority complex:
Some people are prone to produce feelings of inferiority, even they look down up themselves, lack of self-confidence, no courage to do work, timid, echoing their own minds. If not overcome this psychology, will wear down a person's unique personality.
Reverse psychology:
Some people like to bicker with others, to explain their unconventional, for anything, regardless of the merits, you say good, I think it is bad; you're right, I said it was wrong, making others dislike.
False psychology:
Some people make friends as joining in the fun on occasion, fickle, and inconstant, love saying nice words, just meet someone one time, someone would say how well they are. Such people only do superficial work when contact with each other, and so do not have deep feelings for a friend.
Greedy psychology:
Some people believe that the purpose of making friends is in order to take advantage of each other, someone who you can be benefited from, you will make friends with them. This adverse psychological will damage their own personality.
Indifference psychology:
Some people will be indifferent, or mistakenly believe, if the variety of things had nothing to do with themselves, they are always sharp tongue and aloof and arrogant attitude, causing others dare not close to their own, thus losing some of friends.
Interpersonal communication is learning
and art, the key is to look at the personal how to maintain and operate with what kind of mentality, because the interpersonal in workplace is subtle and complex, in the workplace, it is necessary to reflect on their own behavior in a timely manner, make their own learn to adapt to the changing relationships, to adapt the work life with a positive attitude.

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Have you ever met encountered someone that has some stranger action or character that you can't bear in the workplace? You must know these people have unhealthy psychology, or said they have morbid psychology, adverse psychological state hindered the normal development of interpersonal relationship, the following will introduce some morbid psychology which you should avoid.

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