Which Weight Loss Pill is Right for Me?

By: Cal Stevens

With so many diet pills on the market today, with each one claiming to be the new #1 weight loss supplement, how can you possibly sort through all the garbage and choose a diet pill that will actually work for you? When I started reviewing diet pills on my website (Criticalorie.com) over a year ago, I asked myself that same question. Over time, however, I found that it is actually quite easy to discern between the junk and gems if you know what to look for. When choosing a diet pill, you should always take special note of the diet pill's ingredients, the company behind the product, the price of the pills, and the money back guarantee.
The first and main factor that determines if a diet pill will be effective or not is the ingredients that make up the diet pill. Obvious, I know. But you'd be surprised how many people buy a diet pill without even looking at the ingredients to verify what they advertisement says it will do. What more is a diet pill than the ingredients? Nothing. When researching the ingredients of a certain diet pill, don't just read the propaganda you find on the pill's website. Search in medical journals that have been published (on the internet) and the cite the sources of the clinical studies. If what you are reading sounds like they are trying to convince you something, they are and you shouldn't take their word for it. Any legitimate diet pill should list studies that are easily found that up the claims of that particular ingredient.
The next thing that you should look at when choosing a diet pill is the company that is producing the product. Why is this important? How does this effect how well the diet pill will work? I'll answer with a question: Would you put something into your body that was made by someone who lied about its ingredients? Or maybe by someone who is being charged with making false claims about the results of the product? Perhaps the company is known for ripping people off by charging their credit card more than the consumer agreed to. All these things (and much more) are actually quite common in the diet pill industry. So make sure you get a good feel for the diet pill company itself. A quick search on the internet can usually give you a good idea if the company has encountered many problems or complaints (?Company Name complaints? is usually a good search).
While I'm sure that most consumers need no reminder to look at the price of a diet pill, something should be said about pricing. Its clich?, but I'll say it anyway: You (usually) get what you pay for in a diet pill. You should, however, be cautious of extremely high price tags as these are often just trying to appear more credible. Also pills that are super cheap are usually skimping on the ingredients. So as a general rule, a good diet pill will usually be in the $40 to $70 per bottle range.
As far as the money back guarantee goes, I like to see anything over 60 days. Most diet pills either don't have guarantees or they only offer a 30 day guarantee (which isn't really enough time to judge the efficacy of the diet pill). If a company doesn't stand behind their product and offer to give you your money back if it doesn't work, it's usually a good sign that the diet pill probably isn't very effective. There are certainly enough diet pills on the market to make a would-be consumer's head spin. But with a little diligent research you can effectively determine which diet pills will work for you. If you have questions about a specific product, please let me know.

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Cal Stevens is an expert when it comes to diet pills. Cal Stevens has done in-depth reviews and reports on the diet pills specifically, but also the companies that sell them. Don't buy a diet pill until you've been informed!

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