Which Type Of Anti-Fatigue Mats Work Best?

By: Bart Icles

Not all mats are created the same; just because they serve a generic purpose does not mean that they will all be alike. Anti-fatigue mats are created to fight the stress and fatigue brought to one's body by providing support to key areas while a person is standing up.
In a nutshell, they improve your ergonomics and help your body cope with static pressure while standing still for a long period of time. Think of it this way. Walking over or standing still over an anti-fatigue mat is definitely more beneficial than just walking on a bare concrete floor, a metal floor, or over tiles.
No matter where you are, whether it be your household, garage, or office space, you can find a lot of applications for anti-fatigue mats. The human body is designed to be mobile; with the current trend in lifestyle and job applications, we usually spend a very significant amount of time being glued to a certain area. These mats would give relief and support, much in the same way as with other common objects like eyeglasses, the soles of your shoes, and even the sports fitness accessories that you would use.
However, since there are a lot of products you can use out there, you have to know how to select the best product to fit your needs. Here are some common tips that would be very helpful in judging the best type for your home, office, or industrial and utility use:
1. If you intend it for kitchen use, you might want to consider mats with rubber backing to prevent slipping and for your safety as well. For utility and industrial use, you have to select those made of heavy duty materials.
2. In terms of usability and maintenance, you also have to consider the usage versus how easy it is to clean. Some designs with vinyl cover are quite easy to wipe, those made of rubber needs to be hosed down. You just need to find the correct balance.
3. In terms of support, rubber anti-fatigue mats provide good body support, while some foam anti-fatigue mats may cause you to find your balance every now and then. However, if the usage would only be for a short period of time, the foam mats might provide more relief. Also, try to be careful in selecting thickness, as they could cause tripping hazards. You might also want to try some gel-filled mats since they are good for absorbing stress and easily conform to your movement.
Once you already have an idea of what you need, you can try searching online for more information, or you can visit your favorite hardware/home improvement store. Anti-fatigue mats are nowadays essential daily accessories whether you're at home or in the office. Consider it an investment on well being.

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