Which Skin Products are Best for your Skin Problems

By: Valerie DeVette

We are now living in the age of information and companies have been quick to benefit from it. They're constantly keeping their clients well-informed with new skin care offers and skin products, but there is also a downside to too much information. No more than a couple of years ago the only options you had were the limited selection available to you at your local drugstore. However, in the last decade there is so much new information about skin treatments, facial products, and acne products that it's getting confusing.
This new wave of information has been a real asset to companies by helping to keep their products in the public eye, but it's also caused an interesting effect. The more clients are informed, the more demanding they've become. This has lead to new lines of skin products that are created with a new and daring mix of ingredients. This is why store shelves have become stocked with sensitive skin products, organic skin products, and even Nu skin products.
So in all that information, how can you know what's really right for your skin? Well to help all those people that feel like they're drowning in so much information we've concocted a short list of skin products associated to certain skin care needs.
Skin Treatment vs Skin Problem
*Acne products and acne prone skin: Acne products are specially suited for different skin types, all according to the different types of ingredients used in their elaboration. Alcohol based solutions are recommended for oily skin and evaporate quickly. Water-based solutions are highly moisturizing and best for treating normal to dry skin. Acne creams are less greasy and absorb more quickly than other products. They are specially formulated to treat normal to oily skin types.
*Sensitive skin products for Sensitive skin: If you think your skin is safe because you bought sensitive skin products then you might be interested to know that the American Academy of Dermatology states that "sensitive skin" has become a "catch-all" category for products that do not specify exactly what type of condition they treat. In short, sensitive skin products are the ambiguous skin care treatment.
*Anti aging skin care for Aging skin: The market for anti-aging solutions has skyrocketed in the past decade overloading the market with clear options that will mostly be chosen depending on price and time. You can't stop the aging process so choosing the right treatment for you will depend on what you're willing to sacrifice. If pain isn't a problem then you might be interested in surgical procedures that eliminate wrinkles and age spots. However, if you prefer a less painful approach there are a series of different anti aging skin care products that will diminish wrinkles and fade spots without having to cut into your skin or your wallet.
*Organic skin products for all skin types: Organic skin products are Nature's way of giving us a safe solution to age-old problems. The natural composition of any organic skin product allows for the creation of a chemical-free solution that is viable on all skin types. Not to mention that using organic products keeps your skin safe from the harmful side-effects attained by using harsh chemical-based treatments.

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