Which Silica Supplements Are Best For Me?

By: Gen Wright

It has been noted, in alternative medicine circles, that the quartz crystal has some health benefits. The crystal is, for instance, able to restore health to previously unwell individuals. The crystal is also able to maintain optimal health in people who make (regular) use of it.

Before we can get into a discussion on the properties that give the quartz crystal silica its health benefits, it would help for us to understand the whole concept of healing through which the quart crystal works. As it turns, the application of the quartz crystal silica in healing is based on the basic premise that all illness in the body is caused by falling out of balance of the energy that makes up our bodies. According to this school of thought, our bodies - like all entities in the universe -are nothing but 'masses of energy.' And it is the falling out of balance of this energy that translates to the various illnesses that we experience from time to time. It follows then, that if we are to get well, we would have to find a way of restoring that lost balance of energy.

Now some substances, thanks to some properties they possess, can be used in restoring the balance of energy; whose loss is what causes illness. One of those substances happens to be the silica. But just what qualities, in possession of the silica supplement, give it its health benefits?

Well, one of the properties that give the quartz crystal its health benefits is its ability to structure (and re-structure) energy. Thanks to this, then, the quartz crystal is equipped to restore the balance of energy that caused illness in a person, in case that falling out of balance of energy was as a result of structural problems.

The second property that gives the quartz crystal its health benefits is its ability to store energy. If the falling out balance that led to a particular illness was as a result of 'loss of energy' the quartz crystal will, from its store of energy, inject the deficit - to restore balance, and hence restore health to the person in question.

The third property that gives the quartz crystal its health benefits is its ability to amplify energy. In case it was the 'dimming' of energy at a particular part of the body that caused illness, the quartz crystal will amplify the energy in that part, thereby restoring balance with the rest of the body, and in the process healing whatever condition we are looking at.

The fourth property that gives the quartz crystal its health benefits is its ability to focus energy. Therefore if it was simply a case of lack of focus in energy within the body that caused the illness, the silica will refocus it, to restore balance -and hence restore health.

The fifth and sixth properties that give the silica supplements its health benefits are its abilities to transform and transmit energy respectively. Therefore if the falling out of balance in energy that is causing illness is due to transmission problems or errors in 'form,' the crystal respectively corrects the respective imbalances; thereby restoring health.

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Silica is not a new drug made by some big pharmaceutical company, it is made by mother earth. It is an essential element in the Earth and as we are beginning to realize that it is just as vital to our health, and should be taken like any other vitamin.

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