Which Kind of Woman Are You?

By: Michelle Anne Jones

Are you panicking right now? Confused on what to do and how to do whatever it is you have decided on? I am saying you just found out that you are pregnant and have absolutely no idea what to do about the situation. Well, that is not a reason for panic (even though that may cause some trouble for you). There are always available options for you. You can choose to take responsibility and raise the child. You can just give birth and put the child up for adoption. You can also opt for abortion Virginia if you feel like you do not have any choice.

Actually, some people do not consider abortion Virginia as a last resort. It becomes their first choice. Lately, decisions to keep a life and raise it are getting harder and harder. Suddenly, abortion becomes a very tempting option for women of all classes, types, and age. Given that our country (and the whole world, for that matter) is in recession nowadays, our everyday lives and lifestyles are also affected. An unexpected child is somewhat a disorder to our carefully planned lives. With this mindset, abortion is indeed the easiest way out for most women who undergo such predicament.

Of course, there are others who would opt for adoption instead. They are willing to undergo 12 months of carrying the kid because they might be thinking of the kidís future. For these women, abortion Virginia may be too much. They may have a lot of conscience and concern for life, mo matter what kind of life it may be--even if it turned to be a real burden for them. They would opt for a more humane way to get rid of this burden. At least, with adoption, they can be assured that their kids still have somewhere to go.

There are also this group of women who choose to keep their unexpected child, even though it will bring them more burden and pain. These women are more likely more sentimental than the rest. They just could not afford to abandon their kids--be it through adoption or abortion Virginia. They are willing to risk their convenience and embrace more burdens just to keep what they believe is their own. Family is obviously very important for these women. And even if their partners force them to get rid of the new member of their family, they just canít bring themselves to do so.

These are the possible options you have whenever you have that predicament of coming up with an unexpected child in your belly. It all depends on what kind of woman you are. What mentioned earlier are rough generalizations, but they still ring true. Your character and attitude usually are the factors that prompt your decisions during such problematic situations. Regarding which group of women you belong to, only you can really find out where. If these descriptions are too rough for you, you can always do some further personal researches regarding the matter. Your decisions reflect your character. So, which of these women are you?

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