Which Kind of Life Do You Prefer to Live: Simple or Outstanding

By: yang

Different people live in different life styles. Some people want to live a simple life while some others are in pursuit of an outstanding life. Which one do you prefer?
In China there is a saying goes: “Flat faint is true”. This sentence is the motto of many people, who want to live simple lives. In ancient China, there are many recluses. They live in the woods or county or even cities. It does not matter where they live. What matters is their ideas of life. Generally, they have extraordinary skills or abilities, but they do not want to be bothered by the society. Some of them live far away from the others. Some of them pretended to be normal humble people. In western history there are also such people. They advocated the simplicity of living a life. For instance, Diogenes, the great philosopher in ancient Greek, lived a life which the other called a dog’s life. But his theory of Cynicism is still famous now. Thoreau, the writer of Walden Pond, also stressed on the simplicity of life. He even set himself as an example to the others by living beside Walden Pond for two years. During that time he lived on himself and nature. According to these people, we can have a better life if we live it in a simpler way. There is no point in pursuing after power and wealth. It seems that we can have a happier life without money and power.
However, some others think in a contrary way. In they opinion, a simple life is intolerable. Only incompetent people will live a simple life. They think wealth and power are essential in the value of a person. They do not want to be the same as the others. They want to be somebody instead of anybody. These people exist from ancient too modern tome in all cultures. Actually, some of them love outstanding life because they are greedy, but some are not. They consider outstanding life as a symbol of a successful life.
These two life styles are two extremes. Maybe most of us want to live one of them, but we have to live a normal life, which is neither simple nor outstanding. We have to do this because of many reasons. To take me as an example, I want to be rich, but I am less competent. I also want to live far away from human society, but I can not leave my families alone.
So, which one do you prefer, the simple or the outstanding?

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