Which Juicer Machine Is The Best Juicer?

By: Gen Wright

Is it a case that you have decided to lose some weight, improve your look and go on a diet? The Omega juicer collection could possibly be the answer for you; you can get some healthy and refreshing beverages while you go through your diet.

This seemingly modest juicer is packed with excellent features that can help with creating a wide array of beverages and drink recipes. What is more important is that the juicer is sturdy and comes with an excellent warranty. You can enjoy great juicing with this product and at the same time keep focused on consuming healthy drinks.

In this article we will review the product and examine each of its features concisely. A Range Of Juicing: Despite the fact that this juicer does not reach high speeds like other juicers it still yields a lot of juice.

In fact one of the most notable features is the low speed juicing technique. It allows juicer to maintain what is known as equivalent efficiency, something that many people who make healthy shakes and bartenders see as being very important. Flexibility: While most juicers can only do fruits and vegetables the Omega goes a step further. The juicer can deal with wheat grass and other out of the ordinary things that can be juiced.

It is the mechanism that the juicer has that allows this level of flexibility, solely due to its amazing adaptability. This function known as the Omega juicer masticating is available not just in one model but in all the series.

Dual Stage Juicing: The juicer is able to do both hard and soft fruits using is dual stage functionality. It has become such a popular feature that many other manufacturers are incorporating it into their brands as well. The Omega juicer system also has an award winning extraction system. This makes it even more attractive to everyday cooks and professional bartenders alike as the clean extraction system is superb on the clean up stage of juicing.

The dual juicing mechanism in Omega juicers is possibly the most renowned feature. It is coupled with low speed juicing and that has led to a complete package. It is imperative to mention that the dual system takes it even a step further in innovation.

The dual system also extends to extraction; this makes it a brilliant addition. It can quickly turn hard fruits into fresh juice in only a few spins and the clean up process is not difficult at all. This is just another win by the juicing system.

The ability to juice a wide range of fruits and vegetables is made easier with the Omega system. The Juicer can create fresh juice from a large apple, to beetroot to just a handful of seedless grapes. It uses the same efficiency when it carries across all different fruits or vegetables.

The real thrill for many users is that it works well with anything. Wheat grass, onions, beet root, pumpkins and almost anything that can be juiced. This flexibility makes it an amazing product that you won't want to leave on the shelf.

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