Which Is Better: Geometric Throw Pillows or Floral Throw Pillows?

By: Zara Evans

There are all kinds of throw pillows in the market and each one of them is unique and appealing. The best part about using geometric throw pillows and floral throw pillows is that either of them adds a classic aura to your living space. By adding these pillows to your interiors, you can easily create an exclusive and impressive look and feel. Let’s look at these two styles of throw pillows closely:

Geometric Throw Pillows

These have a symmetric pattern. Mostly, they comprise of shapes and lines but the patterns are in a specific style. For example, the Cesire Velvet Maze throw pillow has a maze design in fuchsia color, the front fabric is from Turkey, and the pillow is handmade in USA.

The Citcle Trellis is a very popular geometric designed throw pillow. It is stylish and looks amazing and catches everyone’s attention because the contrast is extremely impressive. The material is a blend of viscose and polyester that really catches the eye.

If sea blue is your special color, then you may find the Deep Sea Dive throw pillow very interesting. It looks like waves in the ocean, creating ripples on your sofa or bed. It has a solid charcoal back fabric color that make it very attractive.

In many ways, geometric pillows allow users to diversify and explore new patterns irrespective of the theme in the background.

Floral Throw Pillows

The special thing about floral pillows is that they look amazing, invigorating, and they are simply comforting. If your home has furniture and decoration that shows your love for a calm and relaxing ambiance, then floral pillows are what you need.

It is true that floral curtains, wallpapers and floral arrangements around the home make the house more welcoming. It is also true that women love such pillows more than men do. This is why these pillows are becoming increasingly popular among women who shop for throw pillows online. To make your home have a more serene and inviting floral ambiance, you may want to try the Cloe Flora pillow.

The Cloe Flora pillow is also handmade in the United States, and is made of a solid plum back fabric. It comes in the most pleasant purple color, and the material is a mix of cotton and rayon. The fabric is quiet soft to the touch and the bold color can liven up any dull space.

If you want a throw pillow with a variety of colors, then try the Bonniebrae Ruby. These are made in the U.S. and the material comprises of acrylic and cotton. The back fabric is solid tan which makes it ideal for sofas and beds. This makes the floral design stand out, making it impossible to ignore.

Both geometric throw pillows and floral throw pillows add class and elegance to your living room in their own unique ways. You will love having both around you and your guests will certainly admire them as well. Flaunt the best look of your interiors at ease with these unique throw pillows.

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The author a regular blogger on home improvement explains the importance of adding floral and geometric throw pillows to your interiors. Here, he also writes about the uniqueness of the pillows.

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