Which Foods for Diabetics will help Control Type 2 Diabetes

By: Wazza Tibbotts

Often the response is the same "I don't have any real issues, just a bit dry every now and then, and a few extra visits to the toilet, but on the whole I'm fine", and then what often follows is the understanding of the likely shortening of their life expectation, and consequently anger can develop. The last stage which can take several months occassionally is finally acceptance, and then realistic treatment, and control measures to help make their lives as pleasant and as long as possible.
Once they accept their disease, type 2 diabetics are then faced with the defining choices for their treatment. Many people accept their doctor's suggestions, and go with their recommendations of drugs to control the high blood glucose symptoms. Whereas some people prefer the more natural remedies. For the latter person, we have highlighted several 'natural treatment options' for your consideration:

Cinnamon for some time has been associated with a reduction in blood sugars. There is a compound in cinnamon called methylhydroxychalcone Polymer, which it is believed can help in lowering blood sugar levels, similar to what insulin does. Adding cinnamon sticks, or ground cinnamon to your diet is an effective way to include this potentially beneficial spice to your diabetic diet to help you control blood glucose.

Cherries are wonderful 'more-ish' and plump sweet stone fruit. Some research studies have indicated that cherries are able to keep blood sugars low and reduce insulin requirements. Cherries also have one of the lowest glycemic index levels of any fruit. Cherries have also been connected to the lowering of cardiovascular disease risk.

Some berries, such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, and raspberries have been found to keep blood glucose levels despite the fact that they offer a sweet taste.

Certain reports have suggested that vinegar is potent at reducing sugar levels in non-diabetic patients, as well as in the case of people with diabetes. Adding vinegar to recipes, or the consuming of 2-3 (vinegar) pickled onions each day (please ensure you clean your teeth thoroughly afterwards) will not only provide your body with reduced insulin requirements from the vinegar, but certain properties from the onion too have positive effects on diabetes, all designed to reduce insulin needs.

Alcohol in moderation can help lower blood sugars. Knowing when to stop is the real key. Having a glass of wine or occasionally two at best will help type 2 diabetes sufferers to manage their blood glucose, even though it isn't sensible to believe that drinking alcohol, or wine alone will control your blood sugar levels.

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