Which Device is Right for Me - Wattson or Efergy Elite

By: Chriss Tyrrell

By now just about everyone has heard of the new light weight energy monitoring devices that have hit the market in recent years. When they first came out they were viewed by so much of the general public as pretty much of a novelty item. Really. How could a person cut their actual energy usage by simply looking at a devise that measures it?

Well it didn't take long for the reports from people who were installing these devices in their homes to come in and those reports showed that almost virtually without exception, some measure of energy usage reduction was achieved and in many cases this amounted to as much as 50% and even more.

What had been going on in these people homes all along, was that they were consuming energy like a teenage girl uses a cell phone. They went about their business and dealt with the bills at the end of each month. Now on the other hand, people can now use energy like that same teenage girl with a prepaid & monitored cell phone. That is they can account for it as it used and see it as it ticks by.

So the showdown between the titans on the market comes down to just two contendors. In one corner you have the Efergy Elite and in the other you have his main challenger the Wattson Home Energy Monitor. So just how many difference can two devices of this type have? Also if any, are these differences enough to make one better for you than the other? Well, lets just see.

As far as price is concerned, both the Wattson and the Efergy are low cost enough, such that either one can easily pay for its self in as little time as one month and even a couple of weeks in cases of high energy usage. Even so, the Efergy will cost you about half as much as the Wattson to take home. The Efergy costs around $75 US and the Wattson will cost you double that.

As far as functional differences go, there are a few and to some they may seem important, while to others they may in fact be inconsequential. For example, the Efergy is a three piece unit. One piece clamps on the wire at your power box. The other is a relay that plugs into a wall socket and the other is a small hand held screen.

The Watson on the other hand, is two pieces. One on the wire at the fuse box and the other simply sits on your table. Its battery powered. Other functional differences include such things as the Wattson giving “annual cost” calculations on energy usage while the efergy doesn't. Even so, you will find that both devices, none the less do provide very detailed usage data.

Also there is the most obvious difference between the two. That is that the Wattson is designed to be far more decorative. There can be no debating th fact that the Wattson is a much more handsome device than the Efergy, which as all the decorative cache of your average TV remote. Not only that, the Wattson uses some “amazing magical” technology to give display readouts on its top, plain white surface.

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