Which Condom Best Suits You?

By: Gen Wright

With the immense popularity and effectiveness of the condom, various kinds have become available. There are actually 3 kinds of material used to manufacture male condoms – Latex, lambskin and recently the Polyurethane. The cheapest condoms are made from Latex and widely available in stores. It comes in different sizes, colors, flavors and textures. Some condoms are already coated with Spermicide, but only in small amounts. Lambskin condoms have been available for the longest time in the market. They are made from animal gut, specifically lamb intestine; thus its name. Lambskin is a good contraceptive as the pores are too small for sperm to pass through. However, lambskin condoms are not effective in protecting against STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. It has also been said that Lambskin condoms have a more “natural feel” than Latex and Polyurethane condoms.

The new kind of condoms has proven to be a huge success, amidst the price tag on it. Compared to Latex condoms, Polyurethane ones are thinner, stronger, less restricting and more resistant to tears. It also transmits heat better which increases pleasure and sensitivity. There are also Polyurethane condoms for women; which are used a sheaths inserted into the vagina, usually up to 6 hours before sexual intercourse. But do not use the female condom along with a male condom. Although Polyurethane has not been properly researched for it’s effectiveness in preventing STDs, it is believed that this condom offers similar, if not even more, protection than Latex condoms.

Aside from the materials, condoms now come in varying sizes, colors, flavors and textures. Latex condoms, like the popular Trojan brand, now come in small, medium and large sizes. Depending on the size of the penis, the different sizes are sure to fit perfectly; unlike when condoms were manufactured in “one size fits all”. The free-size condoms had a tendency to come off during intercourse for smaller penis, and tear for larger ones. Various colors are now available, such as pink, black, red, clear and neon colors. There are even glow-in-the-dark latex condoms. Flavored condoms add spice to sexual intercourse; with Strawberry, Chocolate, Orange, Banana and even Vanilla flavors. Durex, Beyond Seven and Crown condoms are widely popular for their ribbed and studded condoms; which were designed to increase pleasure for both partners. The thickness (or more like thinness) usually defines how much pleasure is derived during intercourse. There are condoms as thin as 0.0018” and some as thick as 0.002. Some condoms have Spermicides, but users must be cautious as they might get an allergic reaction.

Depending on what you want and what you need, there are plenty of condoms out there to suit your need. You will just have to browse around some counters to find an ideal one for you and your partner. Do not buy condoms that do not fit your size or your lifestyle. Remember, a good condom has to protect you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases; such as HIV, Herpes, Syphilis and Gonorrhea; as well as act as a good contraceptive.

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