Which Are The Best Facial Skin Care Products?

By: Peter Albertonich

As you get older your thoughts turn more and more to facial skin care. You start to see the lines and wrinkles forming, you start perhaps to see some dry skin. You start to notice that your skin just doesnt seem to look as good as it did in the past.
Thats aging. Thats why your mother seemed to worry about her skin more as she got older, and looked for a solution to better facial skin care.
Your skin loses health with age. It loses skin proteins as it ages and it loses some of it's important properties.
With aging comes a loss of skin elasticity, and it's elasticity that helps keep your skin firm and supple.
If you pull a fold of skin on an older woman and let go it sags slowly back into place. Do that on a child and it snaps back into place.
Loss of skin elasticity means that your skin loses some of its ability to keep itself smooth and strong. So wrinkles form. You get fine lines around your mouth and eyes. Your skin sags. You may notice this on your neck.
One of the major factors in aging skin is the loss of collagen and elastin. Youve probably heard of collagen and elastin, 2 essential skin proteins. And youll see collagen and elastin listed on the labels of so many facial skin care products.
So one of the most important factors in a good facial skin care treatment is to replace lost collagen and elastin.
Lets look at how you do both of those things:
1. Keeping your skin healthier.
There are a range of lifestyle factors that help contribute to loss of skin health with age. The first of these is excessive sun exposure. Its called photoaging.
Sun strips out your skin's natural oils but even worse, it burns your skin. Sunburn is just terrible for your skin. Avoid excessive sun, especially in summer at midday.
And just as bad for your skin is smoking. Just don't smoke. It affects your blood circulation and poor circulation is very bad for your skin.
And there's even more lifestyle factors that affect your skin, like good healthy diet, plenty of sleep and less stress. Believe it or not these help promote good skin too.
And exercise too, more exercise is always good for skin by promoting blood circulation.
2. Replace that collagen and elastin lost with age.
This is the most important goal for a good facial skin care system, but sadly most facial skin care systems don't do this at all.
Do you remember seeing collagen and elastin listed on the label of that last bottle of moisturizer that you purchased for instance? Well if theres collagen and elastin in the bottles then youve got to be getting it into your skin, right?
Sadly it's not that easy. Collagen and elastin have molecule sizes that are too big to enter the skin, so if you put them on the surface of the skin they stay on the surface.
So why in the world would they put collagen and elastin in the bottles. Aren't they just wasting money? Not at all because when consumers see collagen and elastin listed they buy the bottles. It's marketing.
So what's the solution. If it's important to replace lost elastin and collegan and you can't do it by putting them in the bottle what do you do?
You produce facial skin care products that stimulate the skin to produce more of it's own.
Is this possible? Yes absolutely it is, though there are very few products that do it. But there is one small niche skin care company that has perfected a way to stimulate the skin to produce it's own proteins, and they've brought out a new facial skin care line that does just that.
How? By using new patented ingredient that actually helps the skin to produce more of its own proteins. Theres no collagen or elastin in the bottles.
And visible results within a month are achieved according to the studies.
So if you're interested in the best natural facial skin care products there's definitely an answer to combating aging skin. Find out which products do this on my website.

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