Where to Find and How to Find a Good Quality Cashmere Sweater

By: Irma Greer

If you are looking for a high-quality cashmere women sweater, you will want to take the time to browse by the Cashmere Wool Sweater website. A cashmere men sweater can also be a significant investment for those on a tight budget. So what is the best method for finding a good quality cashmere sweater? Keep in mind these few simple tips.

While you can certainly find affordable options, be prepared to part with some of your cash. On average, a top-notch cashmere woman sweater can cost $200 or more, even at bargain basement prices. If it is 100% cashmere, this is likely the minimal that you will pay.

Look for important clues like the cashmere sweater knit and whether or not it reflects a smooth, high-quality, or seems shabby and hastily knitted. Not all cashmere sweater distributors aim for high-end quality. Make sure the company you choose, does. Expect lighter colored sweaters to be a bit softer, the darker dyes a bit harsher due to the effects of dyes on the yarns.

Keep an eye on ply-knit. If the item claims to be two-ply, this means that it is more durable than the single-ply, but still a lightweight option. With a cashmere sweater, ply refers to weight and not quality. However, if you are looking for warm and weight, the two-ply is the far better option.

Make sure the product you are getting is 100% cashmere if you are going to pay high-end cashmere sweater prices. Make sure you aren't scammed into buying a cashmere and sheep wool blend as the market has seen over the last few years. Know your company, if you don't, look into it. Finding reviews on the best products may not be readily available, but finding customer reviews on items that were rip offs will be a lot easier. Head to your friendly search engine and type in the business's name. If you don't see any complaints readily available, you can probably assume the company does not suffer undue issues or scam complaints.

Look for pilling possibilities. When at all possible, rub the fabric quickly between your fingers. If the fabric begins to pill, do not purchase it. When you do not have the opportunity to rub before you buy, be prepared to immediately return ship any product that pills under your light pressure immediately. It will take little time for your expensive cashmere woman sweater to whittle away under normal wear and tear if it pills easily.

Check the seams of the cashmere sweater. Depending on quality, the seams may be knit together by high-end cashmere as opposed to the traditional needle and thread options. However, checking the seams is also a great place to check for overall quality. Turn the sweater inside out and make sure that the cut is still professionally done and there are no flapping edges that may begin an unraveling that your sweater cannot afford. In good quality cashmere, this will not be an issue.

Refuse the itchy. A good quality cashmere sweater will not be overly itchy or woolen.

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