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Okay, so you are after making money from behind a computer or to be exact from behind a mac. We won’t be too surprised if you are already done with your website’s design – there’s a lot of amazing software for mac to design and program your websites. You’ve got WordPress platform, RapidWeaver, SandVox, Freeway Express and standalone OSX applications like Adobe DreamWeaver to help you create a totally stellar, kick-butt website.
After you have your website done and indexed in search engines, the question is how to get it seated as close to the top of Google as possible. The whole point of creating a website is to get it visible, whether you plan to sell from it or just want to be heard, otherwise your whole work goes down the drain. This is where you start looking for mac SEO software or SEO software for Linux if you use that one.
The process of looking for SEO software might get you befuddled when you are looking for an SEO toolkit to use on a PC, because there are too many options. It will just as surely drive you crazy if you are looking for a piece of SEO software for mac or SEO tools for Linux but to a completely opposite reason – the choice is way too limited.
The fact that even most of the recognized SEO companies simply ignored Mac and Linux users comes as a shock. There has been a lot of forum noise about how to find a mac alternative to SEO software for PC. Emotional content they add to this situation totally muddies the water.
We just thought we’d see what’s really cooking and spill some light on this issue until Mac and Linux users give up their chances of monetizing over the internet or head to shops for their PCs.
Some of those guys were testing Web CEO and while their free version is very limited, when it came to purchasing a Pro edition, it turned out that ooops.. they’ve got no SEO software for mac or SEO software for Linux. They just really don’t have it. Seriously, don’t. Keyword Elite ignores Mac users just as surely. Neither Web CEO nor IBP support OSX or Linux. All kidding aside, they just don’t have SEO software for mac or SEO tools for Linux.
There are two SEO providers among the trusted ones that actually do have SEO software for mac and Linux. Those are Market Samurai for Mac and SEO PowerSuite from Link-Assistant.Com. Market Samurai doesn’t run on Linux though, so it’s not a 100 % cross platform. So SEO PowerSuite is the only real cross platform SEO software for mac, Linux and Windows. Good news is that, if to choose from SEO software out there, SEO PowerSuite is a confident leader. Market Samurai has some credibility in the world of SEO, SEO PowerSuite is defining standards in SEO these days.
All right, Linux users can go straight to SEO PowerSuite, grab their SEO software for Linux and kick thing into high gear. Regarding SEO software for mac we still decided to compare these two mac and Linux SEO tools for speed, productivity and search-engine-imposed blocks resistance, so that they can decide for themselves.
Market Samurai still has that problem of being blocked by search engines. Just as Web CEO or IBP, who are among the leaders in SEO software providing. SEO PowerSuite is unbeatable in this aspect and this explains so much why it is the best SEO solution for mac and Linux on today’s market. Not only does it support Google and Yahoo! API, Proxy Rotation and Human Emulation – all possible features that together make the SEO software for mac and Linux appear to search engines just like a living and breathing human. Besides this, LinkAssistant also has special anti-CAPTCHA service that no other software offers, this one minimizes the chances of being stopped by search engines down to less than 1%.
Market Samurai does have some useful features if compared to, say Web CEO. The last one is not any longer the option today. However, SEO PowerSuite compared to Market samurai wins hands down.
Keyword research wise:
1. Market Samurai doesn’t generate keyword reports. Apparently, SEO PowerSuite is the only SEO software for mac and Linux that does that. SEO PowerSuite can even email them to your clients automatically; it allows you to save them in PDF or upload via FTP to make them available online. This is the feature that SEO PowerSuite users adore as it saves them oodles of time. Web CEO or Market Samurai users waste this time drafting and sending out reports by hand. That’s a great feature to have and absolutely a must if you are optimizing more than one website or do SEO for clients with you SEO software for mac or Linux.

2. Another bummer about Market Samurai is that it doesn’t have a Task Scheduler. Keyword research and reports task can be time scheduled by nearly any other SEO software (or at least that made by world’s leading SEO software companies, like Link-Assistant.Com) - they all do have this feature. Market Samurai doesn’t. SEO PowerSuite software for mac and Linux does that.

3. Market Samurai has no Captcha recognition feature and does not do some other important things, like it doesn’t highlight words with high KEI, doesn’t have quick search through keywords and the like. SEO tools for mac and Linux from SEO PowerSuite toolkit are capable of all that.
Link building wise:
• Market Samurai has no automatic cycle of email correspondence. That is exactly the strong point of SEO PowerSuite tools for mac and Linux. It has an inbuilt email client that manages your entire SEO correspondence within the software, has templates for any SEO related issue you might want to address your partners with and has manageable email lists. It receives and organizes emails from your clients. None of these tasks can be completed in Market Samurai.
• When it comes to reaching link partners which have link submission forms, SEO PowerSuite SEO tools for mac and Linux even fill those out automatically. Market Samurai never does that.
• Another really important part of link building is verifying if your links work for you. SEO PowerSuite makes sure your link partners link back at you. If not, it suggests options to deal with this problem. Market Samurai just doesn’t care.
• Just as in keyword research part SEO PowerSuite allows generating link building reports, emailing, saving, printing, uploading them to the web. Not only this – SEO PowerSuite also generates link building strategies based on your competition research, which is like having an SEO assistant at hand. No other SEO software for mac, Linux or Windows does this.
There’s a bunch of other smaller but still crucial options that SEO PowerSuite has and Market samurai doesn’t, like, searching for potential partners among sites linking to your competitors, checking link partners' Alexa rank and more. All this becomes big when summed up and clearly Market Samurai SEO software for mac and Linux can well leave you downright overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do each day for your online business.
When it comes to backlink research SEO PowerSuite is like 2 times faster than Market Samurai. SEO PowerSuite software for mac and Linux is also two times faster when it comes to rank checking. If we compare SEO PowerSuite to Web CEO in this respect, the latest would be at least 5 times slower than SEO PowerSuite in rank checking and producing twice fewer results in backlink research for the same time as compared to SEO PowerSuite. But still Market Samurai obviously loses to SEO PowerSuite in this respect.
To sum it all up, the picture is not that hopeless - there is SEO software for mac and Linux, at least two of them for Mac OSX and one yet really powerful SEO tool for mac and Linux.
SEO PowerSuite has introduced numerous features that have later appeared in other SEO software, so probably other leading companies will catch up with SEO PowerSuite in cross platform thing, however, it still beats most of the SEO software in speed, feature richness and productivity. Would still be the best choice for Mac users if even other SEO software companies introduced cross platform version of their software. Link-Assistant.Com seems to be approaching SEO issues from every conceivable angle. So in case you were frantically looking for SEO tools for Mac or Linux, SEO PowerSuite has you covered.
SEO PowerSuite is a bundle of 4 Mac SEO tools: one that will detect and fix all flaws your website might have that affect your SEO - read web presence - negatively (WebSite Auditor), one responsible for link building , the task of discovering the best suited link partners for you and building connections (LinkAssistant), one for managing your SEO strategy based on that of your competitors (SEO SpyGlass) and one responsible for getting your website to reach its ranking potential (Rank Tracker). All four tools together are an ultimate solution to SEO and are usually bought together but you can also purchase any of them separately. They all work perfectly on Mac OS, Linux or Windows.

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John Smith is a Technology and Search Engine analyst. His interests lie within seo software mac and keyword rank checker fields. For more information and articles feel free to visit these websites.

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