When to Replace Your Power Tool Gears

By: James Marshell

These cogs are there to alleviate the slippage between the moving gears. The electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy by the motor and the gears bear the responsibility to deliver it to the end such as spindle or chuck of a power tool.

Apart from that, gears are also responsible for changes in speed and rotation. The variable speed drills you love use gears to slow down or speed up the movement of the spindle. The amount of mechanical energy at the output end is determined by the gears; therefore, they form one of the most significant parts of any power tool.

Because of the nature of the functionality of gears, natural wear and tear damages them continuously over time depending on the use and nature of work the user performs. Because of this regular metal to metal contact and continuous wear and tear, eventually the gears give up completely. And if you abuse the tool or exert extra force gears can damage pretty quickly and in extreme cases, broken pieces of gears may fly out of the vents of your tool giving a clear signal that you need to stop and replace your gears right away.

When the gears are damaged or broken there are different signs or symptoms you should look for: For example the tool will not run properly or will run with extreme vibration and it may make crackling noise while running. The spindle or chuck of the power tool may stop working completely despite of the running motor. If you are hearing a crackling noise then there is a great chance that your gear or pieces of gears are grinding against each other causing that annoying sounds. If you keep using it that way, your tool will suffer further damage so it is necessary to replace the parts immediately.

Now where you can get the quality replacement parts for your power tools for example if you are using a DeWalt or Dremel drill/driver, you can find DeWalt replacement parts or Dremel replacement parts on online stores where they sell genuine OEM spare parts. You can also get them directly from the OEM if they have got technical assistance and support for such cases.

Other signs of broken gears include skipping of tool, pause during the operation, extreme vibration when pressure is exerted and tool stopping on the application of pressure. If your power tool offers a setting of low and high speed then running it on both speeds might help you determine if there is a problem with the gears or not.

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ToolpartsPro.com offers DevilBiss Replacement Parts, DeWalt Replacement Parts and Dremel Replacement Parts.

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