When to Hire a Concrete Floor Contractor

By: Sarah Carlye

The funds are available, the project is planned out, and you are ready to start building, remodeling, or renovation. You don’t want to spend money on a contractor if you don’t need one. How do you know when to hire a contractor? Here are some general guidelines to deciding when to hire a contractor for a building, remodeling, or renovation project:

• Labor and material cost estimation-higher cost projects should have a contractor

• The permits are required-if you are not familiar with when permits are needed or the process of applying for a permit, it would be best to have a contractor

• Ability to transport material-when large amounts of material are needed, estimate the cost of renting equipment to transport material to the job site as well as moving material around the job site

• Time available to oversee project-you may have the ability to do the contracting for your project but you may not have the time needed to oversee the project

• Local building regulations-with some jobs, you will not be able to choose if you hire a contractor, it may be required

• Amount of construction experience-if you have no construction experience, you may want to reconsider being your own contractor

• Ability to provide adequate insurance-there are risks on any job site, consider the insurance that is necessary

• Access to building supply discounts-many contractors receive discounts that may lower the cost of the job

• Liability-if something goes wrong, if you can’t afford to be responsible, hire a contractor

• Size of project-a smaller project may not need a contractor

You can save money by being your own contractor if local building regulations allow it. Those with extensive building background and experience often are successful at saving money this way. For others, the stress, the time, and the hidden expenses are just not worth it. Many find out that they didn’t save any money at all being their own contractor and for others it ended up being more expensive. Even those who saved some money found that it wasn’t worth it at the end of the project.

Talk to those who have been their own contractor to find out what really is involved to be your own contractor. After gathering all the information and doing your research, you will be able to make an informed decision if you need to hire a contractor or not.

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