What you should do if your car is towed

By: Nathan Hilson

Road mishaps often happen in the most inconvenient and stressful times. You can be stuck on the road and helpless if your car breaks down. In such cases, you will need GTA towing service who can offer professional and cheap towing services in Toronto and other surrounding GTA areas. If you are involved in an accident and other unexpected road troubles, there youíll find accident towing in Toronto that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to tow your car or tow your trucks in Toronto. Check out towing companies in the GTA to get the best contacts for auto and truck towing services, you can also ask for discount towing in Toronto and areas near you.
If your car suffers a break down, do not just leave it parked in the middle of the road or where it just stopped. You might be surprised to find out that if you do so, your car might not be there anymore when you return. This creates a feeling of panic and anxiety, which is definitely unnecessary. Chances are, your vehicle was not stolen, but rather just towed away since you left it obstructing the road. Other reasons why your car might have been towed were due to it being parked more than the allotted time or it was in a private parking area.
So after realizing that your car was towed, what do you do and where do you go to get it back? Well, first thing is to check the area if the towing company left a message or note where you can proceed to get your vehicle back. You then should call the police or the agency in your city that deals with motor related problems or specifically towing services. Larger cities often have a direct line for towing services that uses key words like CAR or TOW in their numbers. If your local police has one, you can also use a phone texting option to locate your car after it has been towed. Through your cell phone, you can also log on to the Internet and locate the towing companies in your town and call them directly.
So after locating your vehicle, donít just rush to the impound lot where your car is. You might just get so annoyed to find out that the impound has closed already. Try to find out the operating hours of the impound lot before going there to get your car. Not all impound lots are open all day long and most of them have procedures to follow before they release your car such as releasing cars only afternoon.
Besides, the operating hours, be sure to know how long the impound company will allow your car to stay at their lot. Most cities have a specific period on how long they will allow a vehicle to remain unclaimed before they legally label it as abandoned. If for any reason you cannot take your car back, no need to worry. There are steps to reclaim it even beyond the allotted period of stay at the impound, itís just that you have to go through a lot of hassle and paperwork, so it is not advisable to let your car remain unclaimed beyond the period. Remember to coordinate with the impound or towing company and reclaim your car within one week so that you avoid all these hassles connected with unclaimed cars.

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