What you Must Know about How to Build a Site

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A friend of mine said it correct; ‘even John Doe and Richard Roe have websites these days’.

A friend of mine said it correct; ‘even John Doe and Richard Roe have websites these days’. Well, this is more or less the scenario. New websites are showing up almost every day. As the web is flooded with sites, we have inherited the habit of not taking most of them seriously.
But anyways, our main focus here is to discuss how to build a site. Why is it important? For all kinds of businesses, be it small scale or large, making a presence on the web has become necessary. A huge number of people all over the world, access web on a regular basis and having a website indicates reaching out to these people with updated information about your brand and business.
So how to build a site? You can either hire a web development company or adopt the DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. Whichever you choose, you need to be familiar with the process. The integral areas related to website building are following;
? Finding a hosting service provider.
? Buying an exclusive domain.
? Planning the appearance of the website and creating the pages.
? Uploading the website on the server hosted.
Usually, the work is usually assigned to companies. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that a person can’t develop a site by himself. What he needs to do first, is to create an account on a domain registration site. The account is needed to buy the domain. The domain name must be exclusive and unused. Considerations for booking a particular domain name are;
• Relevance with the content of the website
• Brief and concise
• An appropriate extension such .com, .org or .net
The domain name would be the primary identity of your website. So, select a name accordingly. The next thing in your how to build a site checklist would be hosting. There are mainly three types of hosting; free hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Amongst these types, dedicated hosting is the best because you’ll get total access to a dedicated server. Free hosting is probably the worst; these servers lag in both security grounds and technical support. Shared hosting is comparatively better but has restrictions on volume of traffic, software and database support. The only good thing about them is low cost.
Planning the website requires work on designing the theme, navigation, preparing the content and inserting photos and videos. Design and use of template would depend on what kind of website it is. Content should be easily understandable and written in a lucid style. Navigation determines the structure of the information. So, a comprehensive answer to how to build a site depends on qualifying all these areas.
For developing web pages, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.Net etc are needed. PHP and ASP.Net are server scripting languages and create factors on a page, which server can see but user can’t. HTML, the pillar or web page development is however a browser scripting language and lets users see elements on the page, including theme, texts, graphics etc. It’s a bit unlikely that laymen have through understanding in these, which is why, development of web pages is outsourced.
However, with the advancement of CMSs like Wordpress, even common web users can build web pages. They just need ground up ideas on how to build a site.

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