What will you tell those interested in your home business?

By: John Wallen..

So what are all you new networkers going to pass down to your new reps that maybe join your home business, in the year ahead? All that stuff about geneology lists or buying warm market leads? Making a list of 100 people you know, and sell them on your new opportunity? You know, all those things that worked so well for you over the past year!
Let me guess, you didn't get anyone to join last year with all those old scholl ways? But your probably willing ( that is if you get lucky to find someone intersted in your network business) to tell them all about the things you do, but don't work. But you won't tell them that, your just hungry for your first sale.
Oh, the integrity I find sometimes in this industry. You know, you would be so much better off to learn how to be a real leader, and learn what it takes to run a first rate network opportunity. But that's to much work, it's easier to be a poser and hope lady luck will come your way. Join a few internet traffic website's and keep your fingers crossed.
By now your probably thinking someone has an issue. Maybe, but for all you networkers still hanging in there, be nice to those looking at your business. Don't play on their hopes that a home business will solve all their financial problems. This industry doesn't need or want to keep dealing with black eyes!
Let's put it this way. Anyone that joins your business, you want to give the best opportunity to make money. When their business succeeds, so does yours. Getting 4 or 5 good people in your business will make a world of difference for you. Turning on the hype and creating false hope will only kill your chances to grow.
You probably stink at being a salesman as much as the next person. Your only wasting your time on, my companies better because of this, we have the better compensation plan, they have a proven track record, and it's turn-key. Who cares, so does my company, people are tired of hearing all that.
What can you tell a prospect that will make them feel your different. You want them to feel the significance, and know that your on to something, and can sincerely teach them a useful marketing system. Something they can put to use right away, and doesn't take to much time away from you. People want to succeed, but you will first have to know how yourself!

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