What way Auto Dealers Effect Your Car Purchase

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There's a great deal more to new car sales than just what you might believe. A closer examination of all new car sales as well as used car sales processes will reveal that the sales personnel at the showroom go through very specific and time tested selling processes to ensure that more often than not, the customer makes a buying decision that is often different from what he initially would have wanted.

If you are keen on a brand new car then you therefore need to be conversant with the typical strategies adopted by both new and used car dealers. Their strategies are not very different and they follow a time tested process that works on the psyche of the customer and makes him take a decision that is favorable to the dealer. The idea is to win you over so much emotionally that you invariably feel guilty when you do walk out without buying the vehicle.

The first step is the warm greeting and attempt on the salesperson to put you totally at ease and make you feel ten feet tall as you enter the showroom. They would have 4-5 well rehearsed statements that would subconsciously make you move towards the vehicle or brand they seek to promote and all your mental preparation at home about how you would approach the purchase immediately vanishes into thin air.

Now comes the part where they seek and get out maximum information from you about your tastes, your lifestyle, and family and so on. The attempt is to lull you into a state of mind where you are now willing to trust the sales person and his advice or recommendation about which vehicle would best suit you.

This would be supported with stories of other customers to whom they have sold such vehicles who had similar lifestyle or desires so as to make you feel part of the crowd and make you mentally comfortable that you are not moving against the herd.

By this time, the salesperson has assessed your financial status and would everything possible to sell you a car that you may not have initially thought about. They will then go on to explain all the possible features of the car and why it makes sense buying that vehicle from that specific showroom only.

They would now even offer to take you on a test drive to reinforce the buying urge in you. During the drive, the salesperson would gently influence your mind about the positive features of the car, its handling, the road stability and very often your mind is diverted from noticing stuff that you had decided you would pay attention to.

New car sales personnel are trained such that they have to make that sale and unless you are focused and clear about your requirements, you could easily be influenced by their sales pitch and make a purchase that you might regret later.

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