What to do in the event of a Seizure ?

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People may withdraw because they are afraid that you will not know what to do if a person has a seizure. This is natural. It can be very disturbing to witness convulsive tonic-clonic seizures, even for the nurses they see every day. However, knowing what to do if a crisis is a great practical way in which the fear of epilepsy can be addressed.
Attacks can not be stopped, so do not try to restrict a person during the attack, or any other person to interfere, assemble, or attempt to touch the person.
Convulsive seizures
Place something soft under the head of the person and only if the movement is in danger (for example, on the road). Do not put anything in the mouth of the people. After the convulsions stopped, roll the person beside him in the recovery position. Clean all similar and if the person is still breathing hard, make sure that nothing in the mouth as food. Stay with the person to be calm when you do not feel able to continue their activities or transport arrangements to be able to go home and rest.
No convulsive seizures:
These attacks vary and may need different answers. In prolonged confusion
guide the person away from obvious dangers, such as trade. Talk calmly and gently in sight to help them reorient yourself. Stay with the person until they can continue what we are doing. Note that can be confused for a while after the attack, which is why it may seem aggressive, it may be best to remain relatively quiet until it is fully capable of handling your account.
Get medical help if:
A seizure lasts more than five minutes and you do not know how long they usually last. The person has trouble breathing after a seizure. The person who has seriously hurt themselves during a seizure.
Finally ... customize epilepsy - a constant process
Adjustment to epilepsy May be a developmental process. Many of epilepsy is a dynamic, not static. Only when it has reached agreement with epileptic seizures, which can change its type and intensity, for example, moving from the night going through the whole day. Although the changes, obviously, must be reported to the doctor and treated accordingly, of course, this means that you agree with the 'property of epilepsy, "more and more again.
Equally, however, the same process that makes many people find their May epilepsy improves with time, with less intense attacks, less worry, and sometimes completely. Regardless of the nature of your epilepsy, it is worth taking steps to be thoroughly examined at intervals.

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