What to do if You've Been in a Fight

By: Andrew Greg

Getting into a fight is a serious situation and one that's potentially very dangerous. As such any kind of physical aggression should be avoided at all costs, and violence should always be the last resort - but sometimes of course it still happens and there's nothing you can do to get away from someone who's intent on causing trouble. If you find yourself in this situation then you may be forced not only to defend yourself, but also to get into difficult legal waters. Here we will look at how to best handle the situation.

Try to Get Away

First and foremost you should do everything you can do to end the conflict with minimum aggression. Step back, show your hands and try to talk your aggressor down. Often these confrontations come down to a show of dominance so if you're willing to walk away a lot of trouble can be avoided. If nothing else, being seen to try and dilute/escape the situation may help your case later. If you can't get away though, then just try to protect yourself and to ensure that your attacker causes minimal permanent damage.

Call the Emergency Services

Even if you aren't hurt, assault is a serious offence and you are legally obligated to report the incident. Not only will this help your case later, but it can also help to ensure your safety and prevent the attacker coming back.

Of course it's also important to call an ambulance after a fight. This is crucial again even if you don't feel hurt - as you may be suffering from shock and could easily not realise the severity of an injury.

Your Environment

Once the fight is over you should get away as quickly as possible if you are still in danger and try to find people who can help. Otherwise, try asking around the area for potential witnesses and looking for evidence. If you were attacked in public or on a commercial property, you may be able to find video evidence in the form of CCTV by asking around.

You should also be sure to photograph your own injuries if you have any. Again this can help provide evidence in case it goes to court.

Find a Lawyer

Looking for a lawyer is very important as a next step. This way you can press charges and ensure that the person who attacked you does time for their crimes - which will help prevent them from doing it again to others.

Furthermore, speaking with a lawyer is a good way to protect yourself as you might find that your antagonist has the nerve to try and sue you - even if it was them that started the incident. Likewise you may also be liable should there have been any property damage etc.

Lawyers can also be helpful in explaining you your rights and helping you find help should you need it. There are many charities and government schemes in place to help victims of assault, whether you need counselling or financial compensation.

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