What to do With Digital Pictures

By: Charles Kassotis

The person who thought up digital photo technology had a terrific idea. And the fact that digital cameras are now so affordable means that more people are choosing this option for their photo needs. But there are some major differences between film cameras and digital cameras when it comes to the end result.

One of the biggest advantages of film cameras was also one of the biggest disadvantages. When you completed shooting a roll of film, you took it to a lab (or mailed it off) and got photos in return. On the downside, you didnít usually get photos developed until you had an entire roll of film finished. Some people say that not having the photo is one of the biggest negatives of digital photography. Thereís a tendency to shoot the photos, download them to the computer and simply leave them there. But there are some options Ė some really incredible options!

Printing on your home printer has never been easier. And as the technology continues to advance, photo paper is becoming increasingly more affordable. There are even some printers out there designed to read directly from the camera and spit out photos on the spot.

You can also have digital photos printed from your local retailer or any number of online photo labs. Upload photos from your computer to their sites, or take your digital camera media in. The cost is very reasonable. Whatís more, you can choose the sizes you want, get multiple prints of only those that you want, and eliminate the bad shots without paying for printing.

Most computers have great photo software that allows you to correct problems before printing. You can eliminate red eyes, crop out unwanted backgrounds, and even sharpen the focus to some degree. You can also lighten or darken to make up for bad lighting at the time of the shot.

If youíre into special effects, the skyís the limit. You can change from color to black and white, insert your subject into any scene, add text or change colors. Whatís more, every mistake you make while experimenting is easy to rectify, or you can simply trash that endeavor and start over.

Having digital photos on your computer can also be great when itís time for gift giving. There are software programs that allow you to create calendars using your own photos. You can make customized cards for any occasion. Imagine sending out birth announcements with the babyís first photo on the front of the card!

There are plenty of gift ideas from online. Most online photo labs offer options for every season. You simply upload a photo, then choose the gift you want with that image. Coffee cups, t-shirts, puzzles, posters, playing cards and more are available, personalized with your favorite picture.

Itís interesting to see that more companies are offering options with digital photos. Even the US Postal Service has recently announced that you can order personalized stamps using a photo you upload from your computer.

Thereís no doubt that film photography is still preferred for certain situations, but digital photography has certainly taken the lead in many venues. Whether youíre a professional or simply the designated family photographer, take a look at some of the great things you can do with those digital photos.

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