What to do About Neck Pain

By: Robert Walcher D.C.

The All-Important Neck
The neck region has the vast responsibility of fully supporting the head. In order to do this it must remain strong and flexible withstanding a life time of abuse. Whether one sits at a computer or stands for hours at a time; all of these routine positions can eventually strain or damage the neck. As stress on the neck is increased sublimation can begin to work its way down to the shoulders and back. The repetitive motions that we make on a day to day basis are often the root causes of our neck pain. Other people suffer with neck pain due to straining, age, accidents, falls or even an injury to the head.
Complaints of neck pain are often labeled with more than one diagnosis. Some of the terms used may be degenerative disc disease, neck strain, whiplash, herniated disc, or a pinched nerve.
Keeping Your Neck Healthy
The neck region is made up of 7 vertebrae. These vertebrae are crucial to maintaining the proper structure and position of the neck. The vertebrae or small bones that surround the spinal column are spaced with soft cushioned tissue called discs. The discs act as buffers protecting the neck from shock. Intertwined between these vertebrae and discs are the all important nerve endings.
As a disc is injured it is diagnosed as either ruptured or herniated. This results in a 'bulge' that puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves and results in pain or discomfort. In many cases bodily symptoms like arm pain, weakness or numbness are really a result from a bulged disc in the neck.
As you will notice from the following list, many adverse effects can result from damage to the tissue or nerves of the neck including but not limited to problems with the:
Arteries Veins Lymph glands Thyroid glands Parathyroid glands Esophagus Larynx Trachea
The implications for neck pain have far reaching effects. Pain in the neck can be an indicator of a more serious underlying problem and should be taken seriously.
Helping the Body Heal Itself
A Chiropractor is a highly trained professional in spinal manipulation. As they diagnose specific causes of neck pain, they can also manipulate the spine to allow normal motion to resume and pain to fade. If there is a lack of normal mobility in the neck area strain will be put on the muscles and nerve causing pain. As the normal range of motion is restored patients can expect reduction in pain and an increase in the desired mobility of the area. An important factor in chiropractic care is that the spinal manipulation realigns the body and thus allows the body to heal itself.
When you see a chiropractor for a specific problem it is important to realize that he will treat the whole body system. Although the neck may be your area of concern, the chiropractor will also address issues in the body resulting from stress, posture and other common spinal issues that eventually cause pain. Chiropractors can also offer a wealth of knowledge giving you the pertinent information needed to take care of your spine and ensure that your future is pain free and healthy.
Why continue to suffer from neck pain that causes you to be less effective in your day to day activities? The answers could be as near as your chiropractor's office.

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