What to be eaten can be whiten skin in summer

By: Hayden

How to whiten skin in summer? Skin care is very important, only focuses on one side of the whitening method is only temporary, external application and dietary therapy are the perfect whitening solution, 8 major food completely improve the yellowish skin phenomenon.
1, soybean products, in soybean isoflavones is a kind of phytoestrogen, can replace estrogen to help anti-aging, antioxidant, showing skin in a young state, are the key food to have whitened delicate skin. Soy products, include tofu, soy milk (not recommended to put sugar), and processed soy products, tofu, bean curd, etc., the heat is relatively high, is 2 times more than the traditional tofu, boxed soft bean curd, preferably less consumption.
2, jujube, in folk there is a saying "one day eats three dates, life does not look old," Jujube contains protein, carotene, vitamin C, B, E, organic acids, phosphorus, calcium, iron and other substances that can promote metabolism, and prevent melanin.
3, lemon, lemon is rich in vitamin C, can promote metabolism, delay aging, pale spots and whitening, shrink pores, soften skin, and smooth skin. According to the research, the material contained in the lemon can also reduce the incidence of skin cancer, as long as a spoonful of lemon juice can be skin cancer incidence rate decreased to 30% every week.
4, nuts, nuts are calorie-based foods. It is not recommended to more eat. In nuts unsaturated fatty acids can soften the skin from the inside to outside, prevent wrinkles, but also has moisturizing effect, makes skin younger; vitamin E, not only can reduce and prevent the skin lipofuscin production and deposition, but also can prevent the breeding of acne.
5, white radish, modern medicine thinks white radish is rich in vitamin C, can promote the body's synthesis of collagen, improve blood circulation, ensure that the skin blood supply, but also can remove poison in the body organs, reduce the formation of melanin, making the skin white and delicate.
6, lychee, the modern medical research proved, litchi contains rich carbohydrates, protein, fat, salt, dietary fiber, vitamin A, B, C, citric acid, malic acid, can promote capillary blood circulation, has whitening effect, but does not recommend one-time intake of more and every time eat it is not more than 10 lychees, not more than 3 times every time.
7, fish, medical research data shows that eat fish three times a week may protect the skin from UV rays. Long-term eating fish is similar to natural sunscreen protection, making the skin whitening.
8, soya-bean milk, after soya-bean milk break down in the body, can produce linoleic acid that can inhibit the synthesis of melanin, thereby reducing the formation of melanin, skin whitening continued.

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