What to Look for when Collecting Rare US Coins

By: Reynaldo Tempenter

Coin collecting is a major hobby for young and old alike. As soon as you get started its difficult not to get addicted to riffling through a pile of coins each chance you get. Collecting rare US coins is a great project to get your child started on and you can have fun in the process. I'm going to give you an inventory of rare US coins you will need to start hunting for.
The first of the rare US coins to put on your list to find is the 1943 copper penny. It's a treasure if you can find one and is perhaps worth rather a lot. The explanation why the copper penny is so rare is often because at that time WWII was going fast forward and copper was being rationed. The majority of the cents being made were made from an amalgamate of brass and steel, not copper. You can figure out whether your 1943 penny is copper by making an attempt to pick it up with a magnet. A brass penny will stick to the magnet.
Next, you will want to keep an eye out for anything made in 1870. If was made in San Francisco that's even better. The most highly cherished among collectors of rare US coins are the 1870-S half-dime, the 1870-S silver dollar and the 1870-S gold $3 coin. The S stands for San Francisco.
Liberty Head nickels made in 1913 are also among the much requested of the rare US coins. This coin was quit in 1912 but 5 more were made in 1913 and later held by one man. This man commenced talking about these rare coins and their value began to skyrocket even as he held them without anyone knowing. The last time they were sold, one sold for almost 3 million dollars.
Among the most recent rare US coins is the 1974 aluminum penny. Copper costs began to rise steeply in the early 70s and the cost of manufacturing the penny cost just about a penny. The US Mint commenced to have a look for choices and created an aluminum penny. They sent some out as samples and they were never returned.
Another of the rare US coins is the 1982 No P dim. All dimes minted in Philadelphia were imprinted with a P starting in 1980. However, a blunder took place in 1982 and the P was accidently left off a tiny number of coins.
If you're into collecting cents, start looking for the 1955 Double Die Penny. Among rare US coins being collected it has a rough ballpark value of between $200 and $1000. When these cents were made, the coin got out of alignment and the imprint was doubled. The image and lettering are double and it is very straightforward to see.
These are just a few of the rare US coins that you and your youngster would like to begin searching for. The majority are straightforward to spot and fun to search for. If you find one of these rare US coins, be sure and read up on them and have it loved by a pro. If you catch the picking up bug, you may need to look into the great paths to store and protect any rare coins that you find.

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