What to Look for in a Skin Lightening Cream

By: Pat Johnson..

Whether you are looking for a skin whitening cream to treat sun damage or age spots there are a few important points you need to keep in mind. While everyone will have their own needs for a product like this, it goes across the board that the chosen solution needs to be both safe and effective.
Sun damage can be brought about be excessive burning. Normally when you are exposed to the sun the body produces melanin and you get a nice tan. However when you get too much the result is a burn and a layer of skin cells peel off. New cells will take their place, but often with more melanin.
Skin bleaching creams increase how sensitive you are to the sun and how likely you are to burn. For this reason you need to be very particular about how much time you spend outside. When you do go out, be sure to protect your skin with a good sunblock like zinc oxide.
Don't hesitate you speak with your dermatologist. They can recommend a skin lightening product that is consistent with your skin type and is appropriate for the level of hyperpigmentation you have. A specialist in skin care can also help you find a suitable product.
Some products are known to contain harmful ingredients and should be avoided. You want your skin lightener to work, but work safely. Hydroquinone, mercury and steroids are best avoided in favor of safer more natural substances.
The safer ingredients are natural plant extracts known to provide good results for relief of skin discoloration, such as kojic acid (from mushroom), licorice (plant extract) and papain (papaya fruit) . Potency is another issue, because many products bring little or no results, are inefficient or just a waste of money.
It is possible to find cheap skin lightening products that deliver quick results. But these can come with a much higher cost of skin lesions and other damage. Harmful chemicals are often cheaper to employ and may be chosen to keep production costs down.
Among the new products on the market is Meladerm by Civant. It offers one of the most reliable and clinically tested skin lightening formulas. Meladerm has been under development for the last 4 years and is now available for the retail market. By combining all the best elements from the best formulas to alleviate the skin without the harmful non-natural chemicals, it provides an effective solution to a wide range of skin conditions.
When selecting skin lightening products consider the reputation of the manufacturer and product certification, if possible. Manufacturers should be recommended by some experts and many consumers. Their products should also have been well regulated and certified safe.

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