What to Know About Money Management 2

By: Patrick Johnson

What to Know About Money Management
Money management is usually learned as you grow up. Thereís no class in school about how to track your money or make it grow. So, when you are an adult, you may need to hire an Atlanta money manager to keep on top of your finances. Professional money managers will assist your decisions and help ensure your financial future and secure retirement.

Finding the Right Manager
Donít think all money managers are the same. You want an Atlanta registered investment adviser who has experience and training to help you find the answers to your problems. These registered investment advisers can explain the rules of the market and how to invest and help you understand the adjustments to make to grow your portfolio in todayís business climate.

Taking Care of Business
Another trap to avoid is thinking money management and planning are only for the future. The present is important, too. For an Atlanta money manager, the key is finding out what part of your income can be put away in order to start growing saving and what money you can use for other savings plans like education, a home or starting a business. By consulting an independent financial adviser in Atlanta, you can assure your money is going where it should.

Looking into the Future
If you want a stable and financially sound future, you should meet with an Atlanta retirement planner. To learn more about Atlanta wealth management, you need to have a plan for your money, how it will grow and how it will benefit you after youíve stopped working. How will you spend your retirement years? Will you relax or travel? Will you have the money to do the things on your list? Meeting with an Atlanta retirement planner will make those plans come into focus.

Your Atlanta money manager should be experienced enough to help you with your needs. They need to be consistent with their advice. The Atlanta money manager you pick should also stay for the long term, so they can see how your money is working over the years.

One person who meets all of these qualities is Patrick Johnson. With Patrick, you know you will get planning that works with your goals. Patrick is a fee-only financial planner, so he is only concerned with making you more money, not with his own bill. Stick with him and your money will grow.

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This article is provided by Patrick Johnson of SimonDavis Asset Management, based in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Patrick D. Johnson, a certified financial planner. He offers asset management, estate planning services, financial services and lots more. As a Registered Investment Advisor.

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